What countries do you think America should defend?

Rasmussen is out this morning with results from an interesting survey. To which countries should America provide military assistance? Canada, Great Britain, Mexico, Israel and Germany were first through fifth.

I’ve not really ever considered a top five to defend, but I’ve explained before international politics is not my first love. I tend to lean towards isolationism. You don’t have to say so in the comments, yes, I’ve already been told that’s naive.

(Watch out below. You are about to find out why this site is called “fairly” conservative instead of “very” conservative.)

My mother and I were just talking about America’s responsibility to defend the world. Von Steuben received a brownie and cookie shipment from her yesterday. He and his buddies were pretty excited. Then I asked aloud, “I wonder how long he’ll have to be there?”

I’m beginning to think our War on Terror is going the way of our 40 year old War on Drugs. Or Korea. Or Vietnam. I pretty much lump both Afghanistan and Iraq into that War on Terror bag. One of my secret feelings about Obama being elected was that we’d finally be out of the Middle East.

Nope. Obams’s got us staying after all. Now I guess I can be completely disgusted with him as a President.

Who would I defend? Canada, Mexico and Cuba. Yes. Cuba. Proximity to our border counts, but that’s about it with me. Great Britain? Probably not. Germany? I don’t think so. Europe is working together in a Union that should equal our military strength. If it doesn’t, it’s because they are cheap and lazy. I have no need to defend cheap and lazy.

I know this won’t go over well with my conservative friends, but the Middle East interventions are about oil. We need to walk away. Use the resources we have here. When gas is $10 a gallon, we’ll get off our backsides and come up with another energy source that’s as economically efficient as oil is now.

Bring our troops home. It’s not a popular idea given the current unemployment here, but bring them home and pay them anyway. Go ahead and create military installations inside our own dangerous cities. Take New Orleans away from the local politicians who keep messing up the recovery and let our troops rebuild there. Walk away from the desire to hand democracy to emerging nations. If they really want it, they’ll work for it.

VonSteuben was right the other day to ask about the effectiveness of the Afghanistan work. The cultural differences are so vast I don’t see how our ideals will ever translate for those people. Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai is in hot water for a faulty election there. He’s put the U.S. in a terrible position. But then, maybe we’ve put ourselves in a terrible position.

I really want our world to be safe. I like the idea of hopping on a plane and visiting wherever I want without having to worry. But I’m past thinking it’s the United States’ job to be the ultimate peace keeper. Even if it means giving up on some of the places on my travel list.


  1. I agree with you mostly here. After all, our military expenditures outpace any other expenditures and take the biggest toll on our budget.

  2. Well put Cindy.

  3. Yep, JS, when we agree I’ve moved to the left. 😉

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    Okay. There is a far left President. Democrats in the House…….257
    Republicans in the House…..178

    Democrats in the Senate…….60(effectively)
    Republicans in the Senate…..40

    Make your wish list happen.
    It will take one election cycle to reverse the above numbers.

  5. Karin Wii B. Sharin says:

    Cindy: Right on!

    Randy: Still roaming left field…

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    Actually I play 3rd base…

  7. More like buckethead brigade.

  8. Karin Wii B. Sharin says:

    The hot corner… well I suppose it’s probably a little warmer all the way down there in Richmond, VA.

  9. Randy in Richmond says:

    In the 80’s but very comfortable. And I should have said played–it’s been a while.