Beautiful luggage with socks and clean shirts and all those useful things.

Up before the sun this morning to shoot the Ponte Vecchio with sunrise reflections. I’ve also decided to put together a bit of a Buns of Florence photo collection. There are lots of exposed buns around here.

I’m sorry there aren’t photos to follow. The computer situation is still rather crummy.

Time for breakfast.



  1. Florence you say? Mind getting me some photos of any early renaissance architecture?

    I think it would be a nice pretty supplement to my term paper for art history. pweety pweez?

  2. Florence – Michelangelo’s David …. but the real treat are the many many quaint and cute restaurants. Enjoy.

  3. Buns of Florence is well underway. Tastefully managed, of course.

    Sr. Lorax, I’ll do my best, but will have to look it up for sure. Although I can manage my column types thanks to the pneumonic device that account for syllables as the columns increase in complexity, I am no great student of architecture.

    The things I do for you kids.

  4. Thanks, Aunty Cindy 😛

    We are studying Florentine art right now. Everyone knows Florentine culture was way more high-brown than Siena. Ha ha.

  5. If the weather holds I’ll be taking a few photos from a tower tonight of the Duomo. There’s the Baptistry in front I might get back to today. Also later today is St. Croce.

    Any requests?

  6. Nothing particular– I just want to see what strikes you the most, and maybe why. The baptistery ought to be beautiful.

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    Get someone to take some pictures of you doing something–say sampling the wine, getting baptized, ….