A Letter to the President

Dear President Obama:

You have stated repeatedly that to help cover the cost of your proposed public healthcare option, you will initiate savings in Medicare and Medicaid that will total $313 billion. You indicate that correcting inefficiencies and changing existing programs will account for these savings along with the added number of people covered. My question is why don’t you implement these changes immediately to effect them as soon as possible ?

To assist you in accomplishing your goal, I’ve been trying, sir, to come up with an existing Federal agency that you can use as an example to implement your new program. Certainly not Medicaid or Medicare as you just pointed out their deficiencies. Will it be the Post Office-probably not as they have lost $7 billion in the past year. How about Amtrak ? Or the Veterans’ Administration. Maybe the FEMA example but there’s that Katrina thing. There’s the TSA at airports but the public hasn’t been real satisfied with them. And the military, we all appreciate the job they do, but they have been known to pay $435 for a hammer. How about the Social Security Administration–oh yea, they’re out of money. I got it, an organization set up for financial issues, the Securities & Exchange Commission (Bernie who ?). I know an organization we’re all proud of and that does a great job-The American Red Cross. Oh, they’re private. There’s the Department of Education. Wait a minute, an earlier report shows American students ranked 29th out of 57 countries surveyed. Probably don’t want to go there. Plus there’s a direct correlation to the diminishing scores of American students with the intrusion of the Federal Government into local schools.

I’ll get back to you on this, sir.


Randy in Richmond

ps Sir, there might be one group you would want to look at. Certainly they could use some changes and tweaking but the top ten healthcare organizations in this country in 2007 operated in the black with an average profit of 5.6 %.


  1. My question is why don’t you implement these changes immediately to effect them as soon as possible ?

    That’s my question, too.