Obama: overexposed

I almost expect to see the man with a trench coat and dark socks soon.

Word is Obama is planning to do all five Sunday political shows back to back (Look Jane! See Obama perform yet another historical moment!) Then he’s spending time with that affable character David Letterman Monday evening. Oh, come on, surely you know the subject.

Will he land on his backside? I bet so. America may have sworn they wanted change, but Obama’s in-your-face-every-twenty-minutes style probably isn’t what they had in mind.

Let’s just hope that trench-coat belt keeps everything closed tightly.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    There were lots of times during his Presidency that many wished George Bush would have answered his critics. I recently commented on this with 20/20 hindsight that President Bush was probably correct to limit the back talk with the press and pundits. He left office with the ‘Presidency’ intact despite the hurtful and many times vicious attacks on him both personally and politically. He was strong enough as a leader and confident in himself as a man concerning his convictions and beliefs to not have to have the last word or the mindset that if I explain it just one more time they’ll understand. Quite frankly I’ve come to learn that President Obama feels he must have the last word in the fray and because of it the presidency is taking a considerable hit. This weekend appears to be a continuation of that policy.
    There is one major difference between the two Presidents’ though, and that is President Obama only needs to address the American people because the MSM is already on his bus.
    And to appear on TV with a bitter, dirty old man does neither himself or the Office any favor.

  2. Randy. Former President George W. Bush was a failure. I really don’t want to “Bush Bash” anymore but his failure as a leader at home and abroad is well documented.

    Former President Bush’s “confidence” concerning his convictions were the very reason he was mentally incapable of reversing his political mistakes. His confidence was not a strength, it was a disability our nation had to endure over and over again.

    You say that former President Bush left the presidency “intact”. Yeah sure. I guess I agree. And if that’s all that history remembers of him it’ll be a moral victory for his administration.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. His failure with the left and MSM is well documented. And now pretty much every time someone criticizes Obama and his administration the left reverts to Bush Bashing. It happens on this site, in fact it happened today on this site (not you). And as you just did the generic ‘well documented’ or ‘he lied’ or he’s ‘stupid’ comes out. Your second paragraph is psychological poppycock. And if you really don’t want to Bush Bash–do as you say.

  4. And when bush was in office and we criticize him, the right went after Clinton’s BJ.

    But this isn’t just your word against mine. Historians, the public, and the world are in near-unanimity that Bush was a failure.

    Obama may very well turn out to be a failure, but no one can say for sure yet. Bush? That’s a different story.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    Links, something we can actually discuss.

    I can’t speak for others but I didn’t hate Clinton. No, I didn’t agree with him a lot of times but I and most do not invoke him in general, generic hate.

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    Approval ratings and polls have nothing to do with the success or failure of any President. They are merely a snapshot in time.
    And the 2009 C- Span Survey of historians you link shows Harry Truman in 5th place of all the Presidents. Look where he was in 1952, the last year of his Presidency. He had the lowest ratings of any President, ever.



  7. He failed to find weapons his people said were there, he failed to provide effective reform to our health care system, failed to provide even basic assistance to victims of a major national disaster, failed to provide social security reform, failed to contain the budget deficit in times of relative prosperity (although most of it debt driven), failed to see the massive asset bubble his financial “reforms” were partially to blame for creating, failed to dismantle the very organization that attacked us 8 years ago…….

    The man failed the very people who call themselves fiscal conservatives and who are suddenly panicking about our national debt as if it suddenly appeared out of no where.

    I guess I could link to sources that highlight, say, the disorganized FEMA response to Katrina or the botched, fabricated evidence for going to war with Iraq or the fact that Osama bin Laden is still putting out audio tapes from a country still under Taliban control or that the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 did virtually nothing to solve our health care woes or the fact that no significant Social Security legislation was ever past between 2000-2008 or that a large national budget surplus before the year 2000 became a budget deficit within a year’s time or that the largest asset bubble since the 1920’s was allowed to explode and then implode under his watch. This stuff is all well documented and doesn’t have to be restated. It’s all too fresh to be spun, revised or re-branded as some sort of longer term vision. It is what I began my first comment with: A failure on all counts.

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    Other than Katrina, many of the items you mention are legislative. Which of the items you listed got to his desk and he vetoed ? Please provide a link to where the President fabricated evidence (the yellowcake is most people’s favorite).
    You left out a word in the Medicare Modernizaation Act of 2003, ‘Prescription’. It wasn’t designed to cure all the ills of Medicare and I hear generally no complaints from seniors. And Social Security reform was not going to happen during his Presidency because the Democrats would not go along with even optional privatization accounts–and it will not be reformed during Obama’s term either. And you left out one small item about his first year and the deficit, September 11, 2001. And in the aftermath of Katrina, which was really a failure of local and state governments as well as FEMA, President Bush’s administration along with a bi-partisan Congress revamped the relief plans and time will tell if they will be successful.

    If in your eyes he was a failure, so be it. But just because your wish list is different from mine doesn’t make him a failure and what you list above can be culled from any presidency if that’s what you set out to do.

  9. Maybe we should take a different tack, Ran.

    Name one of Bush’s achievements. Concrete achievements as the President of the United States.

  10. The Lorax,

    The way you play this game is odd. It’s a little like me saying “The Lorax sucks. He’s lazy and he’s stupid. I can’t tell you why; I just know it to be true.”

    Would you consider that a valuable argument?

    JS – your selective thinking describes a narrow mind. Is that how you want to be recognized? Interestly, the Bashers insist Bush becomes a more terrible President the longer Obama fails to deliver.

  11. Randy in Richmond says:

    His biggest accomplishment was defeating Al Gore. His second biggest accomplishment was defeating John Kerry. To me the two tax cuts that bear his name are biggies. And not signing on to Kyoto was and is very important.

  12. I pretty much like the fact that there wasn’t another 9/11 thru the rest of the Bush term. Besides the terrible human toll it had a devasting effect on the economy and with the economy as it now stands I hate to think what a repeat would do to it. Meanwhile never has a man, BO, with so little experience talked so much.

  13. Cindy. Obama has his own problems. And I’m not bashing former President Bush. Believe or not, I don’t hate former President Bush. I simply watched the results of his policies. And they were, to be certain, complete failures almost across the board.

    He failed as reformer, failed as a “Uniter” and as a leader in general. This isn’t complicated and it can’t be blamed on the media. Hey, hundreds of people sat out on bridges and rooftops for almost a week waiting for the government to provide even the most basic assistance like evacuation. We wasted hundreds of billions of dollars fighting a war based on bogus intelligence reports about nuclear material that didn’t exist. We diverted vital military resources away from the very country that harbored Al Qaeda and are paying for it today. The economy is suffering from a horrible bout of asset deflation which managed to collapse under it’s own weight during Pres. Bush’s administration. “No child left behind”, while a good idea, became an ineffective, unfunded mandate. The national debt continued to expand in times of relative prosperity when tax receipts should have been strong enough to keep the deficit manageable. This is what those tax cuts were supposedly going to acheive remember? I mean the list goes on and on….the responsibility for these nightmares begins and end at the top.


    Former President Bush failed miserably to persuade Congress to pass his agendas on Health Care/Social Security reform. President Obama will be considered a failure if he can’t find a way to persuade Congress to do the same. Blaming Congress for the President’s ineptitude in passing his agenda is just deverting blame away from bad leadership at the top. A good President will find a way to get it done. Period.

    You’re correct. The Medicare Modernizaation Act of 2003 wasn’t designed as Health Care reform. It was a watered down attempt to pass the real problem on to the next guy.

    Our wish lists aren’t different Randy. We both want our President to leave this nation in a better place than before he took office. Former President Bush managed fail almost across the board in doing so. The economy, foreign policy, national debt, education, financial (de)regulation, controlling costs of our health care/social security systems. Think about it, which one of these issues were better off in January than before 2000?

  14. Leapin,

    I like the fact that there wasn’t another terrorist attack throughout the Bush years either. I was equally happy that there wasn’t another attack on the World Trade Center during the rest of the Clinton Administration following the first WTC terrorist attack.

  15. Randy in Richmond says:

    No, the WTC wasn’t attacked again during the Clinton years, the Oklahoma City Federal Building was–168 killed and 685 injured.

  16. Ran wrote: His biggest accomplishment was defeating Al Gore. His second biggest accomplishment was defeating John Kerry. To me the two tax cuts that bear his name are biggies. And not signing on to Kyoto was and is very important.

    1. Winning a campaign for president is not an accomplishment of being president.

    2. Bush tax cuts increased the deficit monumentally (more than healthcare reform ever would). Talk about a conservative victory.

    3. No signing a treaty is not an accomplishment. Not signing Kyoto is a failure.

    Let me get this straight: GWB’s gold star achievements were campaigning for the office from which he didn’t accomplish anything. increasing the deficit, and not signing a treaty…

  17. …..I believe this is what you’re referring to in regards to the cost of those tax cuts Lorax:


  18. Randy in Richmond says:

    That’s a great story Lorax. Only it’s in the wrong section of the Library–it should be in Fiction. Please provide a link to the ‘Forbes’ report on which this entire article is based. Or provide a list of the criteria that Forbes supposedly used to come to the conclusions the author elaborates on with not one link provided.

    When you have to link Common Dreams by Craig Brown, I know you are desperate.

  19. I didn’t “have” to link to the story, in fact, everything stated above does just as good of a job.

    Did you forget to address my points, by the way?