Well I see you are having fun without me!

I have Internet again, but it will be a while before I get to my laptop. Off to church and another day of Florence.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Okay, how many pictures have you really taken ?

  2. I’d say a thousand or so. That’s because I’ve started the habit of bracketing the exposure. That also allows for hdr work in the future if I want it.

  3. On my trip to Italy this past spring I did 700 pix easily. They were all keepers too. It’s easy when you have good subject matter and nice weather.

    Have fun.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    When you bracket your exposure do you adjust the speed or the f-stop? I would assume speed but I don’t know.

  5. It’s the f stop in minute steps. 2/3rds down or so on a sunny day to keep from over exposing the sky. 1/3 to 1 up to bring out something like a dark stairwell. I usually shoot appature priority, but have been moving to shutter priority for short depths of field when I really need to get the shot the first time. I tend to wiggle more than when I used to shoot film.