Brookfield Alderman Scott Berg fails to influence

In case you missed it, (I almost did!) the Common Council voted to table 5th District Alderman Scott Berg’s initiative on who has access to health insurance as a City of Brookfield employee. Although Robert didn’t have that method in mind when he wrote the Rules, in effect, the issue is gone. It wasn’t even referred back to committee.

Berg has undertaken the initiative several times. What I find interesting is that Berg had no problem with Alderman Jim Garvens on the city’s self-funded insurance plan a few years ago. No, it’s only one alderman at which Berg is now taking aim. And that in a nutshell is the problem with Scott Berg. He initiates legislation based on personalities, not on principles.

Berg successfully cornered the local paper BrookfieldNOW into printing incorrect information regarding the insurance situation. Of course, the paper didn’t even bother to follow up today on Berg’s failure. We’re going to straighten the insurance details in another post.

It’s too darn bad the majority of Brookfield will never have the opportunity to read the truth. Unfortunately, in all the things Berg fails at, lying is the one thing he does extremely well.


  1. WOW! Cindy posting something critical of Scott Berg. Who would have thunk it?? Whose next? Something about Obama? Shocking!!

  2. Well, they both make it easy.

    Unfortunately I’ll have to quote Berg again in a few minutes to wrap up the insurance discussion, but hopefully he’ll sit down and shut up for a while and we won’t have need to call attention to his blunders.

  3. Ann Nonymous says:

    Why don’t you two just admit that deep down you’re really in love and this is just one long drawn-out lover’s quarrel? It happens like this on soaps and in the movies all the time.

    Cindy and Scottie, sittin’ in a tree,

  4. Ok, there’s a theory made all the more interesting by the City of Brookfield city hall IP. I’ll mention it to my husband when he gets home.

    Your tax dollars at work, folks.

  5. Don’t bring down Obama to Berg’s level, please.

    And Scott, get back to work!


    Citizens, listen up. The critical prose written by Cindy is about the Chair of the City of Brookfield Finance Committee who has created his own public information system to promote his own government utopia wherein the Mayor has been silent on issues that cry out for leadership. He has been a critic of his own peers, his own city and anything else that gets him out of sorts. This is the leadership of our beloved community that we cherish so much. We can and will do better if the citizens will give serious consideration to the issues that affect them the most. Join the blogs and let your voices be heard.