Senator Kanavas, that’s a great idea

From Kanavas:

Kanavas/Kramer Introduce Voluntary Voter ID Bill

(Madison, WI)…Today, State Senator Ted Kanavas (R-Brookfield) and State Representative Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha) introduced the Protect My Vote Act. The bill creates a voluntary photo ID program in Wisconsin so people can ensure their vote does not get stolen on Election Day.

“We know voter fraud exists and we have to take steps to eliminate it wherever and whenever we can. At a minimum we should be protecting people who are concerned about their vote being stolen and their rights being violated,” stated Kanavas.

The Protect My Vote Act, circulated today to solicit legislative cosponsors, creates a voluntary program allowing voters to request they be asked for a photo ID in order to vote on Election Day. Senator Kanavas introduced the bill at the request of a constituent who went to the polls in 2006 only to discover someone had already voted using his name. Under the Kanavas/Kramer legislation, the names of voters who opted-in to the program will be highlighted on the voter rolls requiring the election worker to ask for the person’s photo ID.

“In a little over a year, voters will be going to the polls for a statewide election. People need to have confidence in our electoral system and know that when they arrive to vote they’ll be able to do so,” added Kramer.

Legislators have two weeks to sign on as cosponsors of the bill at which point it will be given a bill number and assigned to a Senate committee.



  1. how much will this feel good legislation cost the average community?

  2. Well I’m obviously not on my toes tonight because I never thought of that.


    What evidence is there of voter fraud in the City of Brookfield ?

  4. Well, I can think of one instance, but it didn’t have anything to do with identity.

    Kanavas’ district is more than the city, so it may not have been here.


    Well, I had a recount over a mere 5 votes either way and there was no indication of voter fraud.

    My concern is the good name of the City of Brookfield election officials and the resident voters.

  6. Sounds okay to me.

  7. How will this help with absentee ballots, which is the most likely area of fraud?

  8. Well I don’t think it was meant to cure every problem, but if one were to vote in person with a verified ID per that voter’s request, and a potential absentee ballot came in under that name later it would be disqualified. Also, a clerk could verify an ID when offering the absentee ballot.

    Wisconsin has one of the more bizarre absentee ballot arrangements that I’ve seen, though. It would be great to get that redefined, but I’m doubtful anyone would make the effort.

    I don’t think Kanavas’ idea would be expensive. It would give a conscientious voter a little future piece of mind but not intrude upon those who see an ID for voting as a horrible intrusion upon their personal privacy.

    I do hope you read my sarcasm in that last sentence. If I had my way, an ID would be required of every voter.

  9. Dick, in my election there was at least one voter registered the day of the vote who lived outside the district but used a Brookfield address to vote anyway. Also, students are notorious for being registered in more than one location and cherry-picking which election to vote where, alternating back and forth between locations on whim. While not always fraudulent, it can really mess with things. Wisconsin manages the student issue very poorly, too, given the opportunity for voting-day registration.

  10. I see the Protect My Vote Act as having little substance or true effect. The instances of being unable to vote due to fraud probably account for a fraction of 1% of the true fraud problem. It’s more granstanding politics that anything. If Kanavas/Kramer truly wanted to make a difference, they’d continue to push mandatory voter ID legislation until they couldn’t anymore.

  11. Kanavas, grandstand? Oh, come on…


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