Heavy lifting

I admit, I haven’t done much of that on the blog lately. To everyone that’s helped out over the last few weeks, thanks so much. Here’s to the upcoming weeks and getting back into the groove.

We’ll be doing a little extra heavy lifting around here tonight as another van filled with goodies is heading to Chicago tomorrow. It’s the strangest thing to have one officially off the payroll and living on his own. It’s fun to be a part of his setting up house. It’s also endearing. More often than not a discussion of the choices available boils down to, “you know, like you have at home.” I guess this place wasn’t such a bad base for those early years.

I start back with weight lifting next week. I’ll have had about three weeks off. Without a doubt, my new-found strength made my trip much more enjoyable. Once I picked up my 50 pound suitcase and hiked it up four flights of stairs. It was fun, too, to watch the guy in the airplane seat across from me pick his eyeballs up off the floor as I swung my 25 pound pack into the overhead bin without even thinking twice. At all the attempts I’ve made towards exercise over the years, super-slow weight training wins hands down.

That’s it for a couple of days. We need to get to some serious stuff next week, but for now it’s time to kick back and enjoy the weekend.



  1. Where in Chicago?

  2. Wicker Park right across from the old Lincoln Tavern. It’s a great place.