Those kids belong in school!

Two of my blogging buddies, Dad29 and the Ol’ Broad mentioned within moments of each other an Obama administration discussion to increase the time students spend in school. This article by the AP is what started it all.

The front idea is that American students spend too little time in school compared to international counterparts and it’s time for our agrarian based school calendar to be updated.

Fine in theory.

When you get into the body of the article, though, there are a couple of things worth noticing:

1) This idea is more about creating a greater nanny state to provide child care to inner city children than anything to do with increased educational outcomes.

2) While there’s a broad quote by Obama in the third paragraph, that’s the last time the President is quoted in this piece. The rest of it goes to Education Secretary Arne Duncan. You know, that same Arne Duncan who had so much fun last month.

Take Arne Duncan out, blogging buddies. Articulate how naive it is for this administration to suggest such a change in the middle of “the worst economic collapse since The Great Depression.” Pound this administration for increasing taxes. (More teacher hours = more pay = more tax revenue needed by the school districts.) Redirect the focus as further proof this administration intends to socialize the rearing of children.

Get to the bottom line fast. It’s not at all about the children.