What kind of fun should we cook up today?

So what’s been on your mind lately? It doesn’t seem like the Brookfield budget was much of a big deal to you.

Nationally the watch is on for: 1) Iran, and 2) the health care question. You will notice not a world regarding health care was uttered from Obama’s lips in the last few days. I’d expect his approval ratings to bounce up a bit unless, of course, the country is smart enough to realize he’s abandoning ship and will think less of him for it.

I’m going to hunker down and get a couple of energy pieces written. You know, it’s amazing how easily distracted America can be from the things that really matter. We’ll try to get back to some of them.

But first, we’ll talk education. Obama’s mentioned something on that topic recently…


  1. My interests today are much more basic. People are trying to kill me. Everyone; please don’t talk on your cell phone while you are driving – you are putting my life at risk. I don’t mind that your basic right to kill yourself is maintained, but just leave me out of it please.

  2. I can agree with that. I was nearly sandwiched between a highway construction wall and a woman my age texting on her phone while driving. She even had kids in the backseat.

    So, Wilson828, do we need a law? There are elections in our future. The blog gets a few readers. Timing couldn’t be better. What do you think?

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Up early, or still on Italian time ?

  4. Italian time. It’s getting better, though. I only beat the spouse’s alarm clock by about 10 minutes.

  5. Yes we need a law. Actually the solution is easy .. most new cell phones with GPS can be programed that if motion is detected say over 5mph, they can’t be used. That would work. Won’t happen, but that would work.

    There are enough studies now that show the statistics are measurable .. quantifiable.

  6. Wow. That is easy – except, what if I’m the passenger in a car that’s moving more than 5 mph. I can’t use my cell phone?

  7. Right.

  8. Nah, that would never work. That would be like putting a breathalyser on every car.

  9. Randy in Richmond says:

    After the law about talking on a cell phone we’ll need one for people putting on make-up. Then no longer can you look down to adjust the stereo, GPS, or A/C Heater. After that we should address those that eat in the car–one solution would be to make drive-thru restaurants illegal. And definately MP-3 players should not be allowed in cars. Lap tops should be outlawed for anyone in a car including passengers. For anyone who still smokes, even while alone driving, should obviously be illegal. It should also be against the law to read a map while driving. And everyone must be required to have one of those remote permits that pays tolls everywhere because reaching or looking for coins–prohibited. I mighta missed one or two but this is a start.

  10. I like public transit. I can talk, text, eat, and still get to where I need to go safely.

  11. Also, i want to talk about the MPS takeover–in a civilized and probing manner. The kind of way that searches for outcomes and solutions and doesn’t just blame the status quo.

    Can we have an intellectual conversation about that?

  12. OMG>…… all that will be left is to DRIVE the CAR!!!!! oh NO!!!!

  13. Lorax, I’ll put that on the list. No promises as to civilized or intelligent.

  14. Randy in Richmond says:

    Just having some fun.

  15. I’m okay Randy … smile… thanks though.

    This just in … on the WTMJ TV news at 6pm…. Bucher and McBride…. Bucher withdraws divorce petition…!!! Whoa!!!!

  16. Maybe Dean’s post got to him. Man, am I glad I’m not on that roller coaster.

  17. Here’s another thing that drives me nuts…..


  18. The sweet little deer are a problem?

  19. Isn’t that what hummers are for?

  20. The spouse’s Saab 9-5 did a good job one year.

    Yes, the collisions are a problem. Especially during hunting season when the hunters are near a highway.

  21. I love that car. I’ll take it if you don’t care for it anymore.

  22. Lorax, you loved the red 9-3. It met a terrible fate in Elm Grove…

    I loved that car, too.

  23. The 9-5 is nice, too. The red was cuter though. How sad. At least one Saab lives on!

  24. Also, how about Roman Polanski?

  25. Roman Polanski needs to be hung by his testicles in the nearest public square.

    There, how was that for discussion?

  26. LOL, I don’t disagree there.

    But some are claiming that “American culture excuses ‘Great Men’ … they can get away with stuff like this.” Woody Allen, too.

    Is this really an American thing? or a Western thing? Or is it true at all?

  27. Santa's Elf says:

    Well then there’s also Alderman Berg!

  28. Actually, Elf, I mentioned earlier there’s no reason to talk about that elected official until something stupid dribbles out of his mouth again. Granted, it probably won’t be long, but those are the rules of engagement.

  29. Santa's Elf says:

    Well then, how about a piece on Ronda Larkin’s poetry? What an addition to our local blogosphere!

  30. I can’t say I’ve ever read it. Critiquing her work won’t take place here.

    The blog still has local stuff, but a lot of Wisconsin and national subjects, too. I moved into a bigger pond and it seems to have worked.

  31. You’ll find much perk and pleasantry here, too, Elf.

  32. Randy in Richmond says:

    As I wasn’t quite sure how you felt about the Polanski thing, here is a quote from him made in 1979. It may help you make up your mind.

    “If I had killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But… f—ing, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to f— young girls. Juries want to f— young girls. Everyone wants to f— young girls!”


  33. Yes, well, I’m not one to waffle on certain issues. It makes me me, so to speak.

    What a disgusting man Polanski must be. Looking through a list of his work, the only thing I’ve ever seen of his was “Tess.” I’m glad I wouldn’t call myself a fan of his.

    I know artists must sometimes be separated from their work because they are often very odd, but now he’s begging for public support and I don’t intend to provide it.

  34. To me, it’s like this. He has done good work. Just because he raped someone doesn’t discount his work. At the same time, all his good work will never discount that he raped a girl.

  35. Randy in Richmond says:

    Following your line of thinking we should not discount what Joe Wilson did the night of one of Obama’s speeches. He has done good work. And all the good work he has done will never discount the fact that he told the truth.

  36. Exactly. The good work that Wilson did in voting for healthcare funds for illegal immigrants will NEVER be discounted by his irresponsible shout.

  37. Randy in Richmond says:

    I know those on the left will not understand or believe this but there will be an immense number of people who will not go to Polanski’s new movie that otherwise may have gone but for the recent publicity. It would not surprise me if the premier is pushed back.

  38. Sorry to burst your self-righteous bubble, but those on the left are just as upset about this. This is more about celebritization and really not at all political.

    Boycotting Polanski’s recent movie? You are a stooge. The rape occured in 1977. And it just dawned on you to boycott him now? Looks like you’re a a day late and 30 years short.

  39. Randy in Richmond says:

    Yea, they’re so upset they’re petitioning to have him released and much of Hollywood is on board. If objecting to the rape of a 13 year old child makes me self righteous that is a badge I will wear.

    And Lorax, you seem to be getting more and more personal. Call me a stooge again and I will boycott you.

    I never mentioned whether I would go to the film or if I have seen any of his films. I stand by my statement that there will be many people not seeing this movie because of the recent publicity.
    I said they wouldn’t understand.

  40. Ah, once again full sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    Polanski has nothing to do with left vs. right. I think it kills you to see an absence of false political dichotomy, so you create one. Everyone on the left wants to see this guy rot like the rest of us. Hollywood =/= The Left.

  41. Not to change the subject…but does anyone know why there were 5 police cars with rifles drawn near Sendiks this afternoon? I am not seeing anything about it on the news.

  42. Good grief! I have no idea, but will share if I find anything.

    Also, has everyone heard about the case of chicken pox at Brookfield East?

  43. “Boycotting Polanski’s recent movie? You are a stooge. The rape occured in 1977. And it just dawned on you to boycott him now? Looks like you’re a a day late and 30 years short.”

    Yeah, well I’m a stooge, too. I unknowingly attended a Polanski film 25 years ago. I will knowingly avoid the creep now.

    This self-righteous badge wearer doesn’t give a whip about your pervy left opinion. She’ll do what she damn well pleases. (And while you’re at it, show me where the left is so upset.)

  44. How is my opinion pervy? Or left?

    Here are some of the articles I have read and bookmarked. HuffPost is pretty lefty, and I haven’t heard anyone outside of Hollywood or France condone this guy.




  45. Um, all three sources are HuffPo. Trouble finding other stuff?

    And by all means forgive me. Agreeing to support a pedophile in his latest profiteering endeavor is such a mainstream idea. However did I miss it?

  46. I don’t recall agreeing to support him. In fact, Polanski has never seen a single cent of my patronage, and never will.

    And I wasn’t even alive when he did it. I forgive you.

  47. This Newsweek article also lists several opinions from Salon, Slate, ModerateLeft, The Guardian, etc.


  48. The Lorax says:
  49. Hey Lorax. No one cares. You pretty much made your case with your first remarks slapping at Randy. It’s going to be pretty hard to dig out of that. I’d recommend you stop trying.

  50. The Lorax says:

    Okay, i’ll stop. Forgive me.

  51. Wilson828 says:


    Step 1: Buy your child a Blackberry
    Step 2: Install this software

    Recent state senate legislation prohibits use of texting devices while driving. Introduced by a republican senator it passed even though republican senator Mary Lazich voted against it – but oh wait, she always votes against everything and does nothing. But she does have a blog which complains about everything – oh wait, she’s complaining about things she’s been in control of (in office) for years.