Just askin’

Don’t you think it will be interesting if Obama follows (and maybe even quotes) public sentiment on Afghanistan but denies public sentiment for health care?

(And let it not be lost on you, dear reader, that for the first time in a long time I maintain a concurring opinion with the plurality – Afghanistan – and majority – health care – of Americans on both issues.)


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I understand your sentiments on Afghanistan and I tend to agree with you but for the fact we know if we pull out the Taliban will over-run the country and set up shop just as on 9/10. They probably will not be able to as easily establish terrorist camps and such but they will be a headache. Yet they would also be much more closely watched then pre 9/11. I really feel for the Afghan women and their plight–it would be terrible for them. On the other hand my feeling is the Afghan men like the tribal and muslim way because it makes them big man on campus.

    We should have learned from both Viet Nam and Iraq I and II that you wage war to win – period. If not, get out. Yet politically Obama is in a painted corner–and he was the painter. It is what one reaps when you promise the moon to all sides in order to get votes. Regardless of this troop deployment and other issues in Afghanistan he will catch it either way he goes.
    So far Obama has been a President that makes speeches, not decisions. Voting present will not cut it now. He has surrounded himself with a posse, not a partnership of people that can lead and make principled decisions. If those that supported him are honest with themselves they must see this too. It doesn’t matter what Reagan, Clinton, or Bush did or didn’t do, it matters what Barack Obama is going to do. He is no longer the anti-Bush, he is our President.

  2. And the decisions on Afghanistan, imho, aren’t even of the same level of difficulty to the decisions that need to be made on Iran.