Dead Sea scrolls headed to Milwaukee

The paper wrote the Milwaukee Public Museum news that artifacts of the famous Dead Sea scrolls will be making their way to our area for a few months.

It’s pretty exciting. We’re fortunate to have such high quality exhibits coming to our area. Titanic was the last big hit. Before, I remember a great Egyptian exhibit and also a knock out Da Vinci display.

Some in our family are headed to the Art Museum this weekend to see their Warhol exhibit. To be honest, I can really take or leave Warhol, but a trip to the art museum is never a bad thing.

We’re lucky to have such great amenities in our metropolitan area.


  1. The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit is really exciting news!

    I saw a Warhol show in college. It is worth the look, even if he isn’t your favorite. His work was influential in many ways. Our library, by the way, has a lovely new volume of record album covers designed by Warhol before he was famous for Pop Art, very interesting if you enjoy graphic design at all, and intriguing that the book was made from one man’s personal collection. What an unusual hobby!

  2. We are very lucky to have two world class museums. Especially our Art Museum. Wow!