Gordon and Mu‘ammar sittin’ in a tree…

Ok. So it’s generally accepted now that Scotland’s release of Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the man given the responsibility for the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, was tied to a Libyan oil deal with BP – British Petroleum. Britain was willing to prostitute themselves for oil. (Oh, I know, we all do it, but we’re picking on Britain right now.)

BP started doing business with Libya again in 2007. BP wants to start drilling in 2010.

I’ll confess, BP is where I’ve been buying most of my gasoline over the last couple of years. Two reasons. First, the Sierra Club admitted of all the companies BP didn’t suck that badly. After all they support the Kyoto protocol! But actually it’s because the guy who owns Open Pantry and sells BP gasoline was pretty nice to me once. Plus, the station is in the neighborhood.

BP pulls a big chunk of its oil from the Gulf of Mexico. The have a big interest in Alaska. But remember, although they gobbled up Amoco, they are a British company. It may be American oil and American jobs, but it’s not America’s profit.

CITGO and BP – supplying America but not American.

As far as oil supplies, that chart we saw yesterday shows Canada sends a lot our way. Safe bet, right? Nope. Libya just contracted to by the Canadian firm Verenex. It’s to be expected, because that’s where Verenex drills. What I can’t figure out is if the numbers on that chart call a barrel Canadian because that’s where the hole the oil came out of resides or because that’s where the company which owns a hole anywhere in the world resides.

One thing’s for certain. Finding your oil’s source is darn hard. So how are you to support only the right oil companies when filling your SUV?


  1. I usually defer to BP also. I try to avoid Mobil. Seems like BP stations are also more well maintained.

    BP starting doing business with Libya again in 2007. Typo!

    And the solution to all this curmudgeory is… wait for it… get off of oil!

  2. No, the link shows they signed a deal in May 2007 to work together 30 after Libya nationalized their earlier holdings. Did I miss something else?

    And, yes, that’s the cut to the chase, but we have a few more companies to go through before we get there.

  3. Started, not starting. I’m just being difficult. 😛

  4. Yes, I changed that one. I’m a little distracted the last couple of days, huh? Maybe I’m just not up for the hard stuff anymore.