Elm Grove 0, Brookfield 2.4%

It’s true. Elm Grove did the right and admirable thing by bringing their taxpayers a budget which increases the tax levy 0%. Nada. Zip. Nothing. No complaining, they just got it done.

Tonight Brookfield will begin debate on a tax levy set to increase 2.4%, and that’s because they are pulling $400,000 from the reserves or it would be the maximum allowed by the state limits. Quote from the esteemed Mayor of Brookfield? “Unless things really pick up, next year’s going to be tough.”

I applaud BrookfieldNOW for placing the 2.4% increase into the headline instead of lauding the 1% operating budget increase City Hall will chant.

Oh, Brookfield, imagine leadership that would consider 0%. Leadership who would realize times have been tough for everyone, not just city employees. Leadership who would look at tightening travel budgets. Leadership who would consider reducing the fleet.

Oh, right. That would require more than rhetoric.

As I mentioned before, I doubt this budget will change much. The Mayor will tout this year’s numbers as yet another reason he needs to be re-elected.

Luckily, you’ll still get to decide.