It’s Crying Time Again

Remember Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s emotional response to the non-violent healthcare townhall meetings and Rep. Joe Wilson’s verbal outburst. Her concerns helped lead to the quick centure of Rep. Wilson because he would not apologize a second time on the House floor.
Rep. Alan Grayson, in a House speech, said the Republican healthcare plan is to “die quickly”. When asked by several Republicans to retract or apologize for his remarks Grayson compared the Republicans’ position to the ‘holocaust’.

I wonder if Speaker Polosi will show the same emotional concerns for Rep. Grayson’s remarks and if a formal House centure will be forthcoming ?


  1. Actually, Rep. Grayson’s words were “a holocaust,” not “the Holocaust.” The difference is crucial; 44,000 people a year is a lot, but it’s not, you know, millions.

    I would search the archives for your condemnation of every Republican speech that claimed Democrats’ reforms would kill grandma and Steven Hawking and Sarah Palin’s baby, but I doubt it’s worth my time.

  2. Prove the 44,000 and we’ll talk.

  3. For some reason, my post earlier didn’t take.

    44,000–according to a new study.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    You brought it up. What he actually said was “this holocaust”. We all know what he meant.

    And the 44,000 figure doesn’t bother me as a statistic. Since approximately 2,400,000 people die in the US each year that means, using the Harvard study’s figure, that 2,356,000 died with some level or other of health care–based on Harvard’s findings. Therefore only about 1.83% of the people that die each year do so for lack of health care. Now we all would like, in a perfect world , for that number to be zero, but we don’t need to drastically alter a system that Harvard tells us less than 2% of the population dies in because of no care. I would have thought that for religious and just personal reasons the percentage would be higher. Maybe some tweaking, but not a redesign, based on the Harvard study criteria.

  5. In what ways are any of the Democrats’ proposals not just tweaking?

    Speaking as someone who would LOVE a radical change, the bills proposed are all disappointingly respectful of the status quo.

  6. J. Strupp says:

    I simply wish everyone would stop referencing the Holocaust, the Hilter Youth movement and/or National Socialism in general when referring to current events. These people have to be complete idiots to assume that anything that’s going on right now even comes close to atrocities committed by Nazi Germany. The associations are always weak attempts to make an accusation stronger than it really is.