Chicago eliminated early

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

The reaction from CNN:


  1. Karin Wii B. Sharin says:

    Soooo I was off. Way off.

    Congrats RIO!

  2. I was, too. You know, if the Olympics are really all that to a community, then maybe it’s fair that Rio gets a round of economic development.

    I’ve not been, but the spouse says it’s beautiful. It’s also very, very poor with a monster crime problem.

  3. Karin Wii B. Sharin says:

    A friend said it right. The Olympics aren’t just for rich cities. Yes the games would have helped to improve the CTA, upgrade the parks, etc. in Chicago.

    However maybe they can do more for Rio. Build a new subway line, develop more park land, help lower crime rates. I’m excited – I think South America will throw the world a good party.

  4. I think so, too.

  5. BrkfldDad says:

    Commentator last night, can’t remember what show, said this was all about the IOC snubbing the USOC due to ongoing revenue and funding disputes and threatened litigation. He termed Chicago as merely collateral damage in the dust up.

  6. I notice that all of those who were sooooooo sure that Chicago had it in the bag misjudged the fact that the leaders of the world may be unimpressed by Obama’s egotism and bloviating ways. He is not getting ANY results in any area, and the Change We Can Hope In turns out to be delayed until we get a chance to send this clown the way of Jimmy “the peanut” Carter. When you send an inexperienced person to do the heavy lifting, don’t be surprised if they rupture themselves!

    I’m wondering what old man the Republicans will find to run against Obama? Dole and McCain are out I hope! Is Richard Lugar available?