‘Fess up. Are you watching it tonight?

No, I won’t, but it’ll be on, so I’ll probably have a hard time avoiding it completely.

There’s little doubt it’s all folks will be talking about tomorrow. I always worry just a tiny bit about the future of mankind when this football business gets so frenzied.


  1. Wilson828 says:

    It was a good game.

    The best part though was the Sears commercial where Farve was showing indecisiveness about buying a tv. The ability to stand back and laugh at yourself (even though in this case he’s making money in the commercial) is an admirable quality. He almost appeared .. well… normal.

  2. That was the first time I’d seen that version. He’s got another one out that’s much shorter, and I thought funnier. Two of that kind of commercial may have been a little overkill, but hey – a paycheck is a paycheck.