Obama parody on SNL

Everyone else is talking about it, so we might as well watch it!


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    And then there’s this:

    Even when the non-Bush fails, it’s still Bush’s fault. YAWNNNNNN

  2. BkfldVoter says:

    Who was President when LA hosted the 1984 Summer Games? Bush (Sr). When Atlanta hosted the Summer Games in 1996? Bush (George W).

    Score is 2-0. Bush Presidencies successful in this area; Obama a failure in this area.

    Biden’s pre-election prediction of low post-election ratings for Obama may be coming true.

    If Obama and his supporters continue down their current path, he may talk himself out of a job before the 2016 Olympics; We may have a new president.

  3. The Lorax says:

    Bush was president in 1996?

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    It is being circulated that the real reason Chicago did not get the Olympics is because former President Jimmy Carter sent another letter to the IOC, as he did in 1980, protesting the presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan. He wanted the 1980 Olympics to be held at a site that did not have troops in Afghanistan. His letter was not successful then but it appears this time it was.

  5. BkfldVoter says:

    Sorry Lorax! Doing 2 things at once… Altanta chosen in 1988, during Bush (Sr.) Administration.

    I wondered whether the bombing at the Atlanta summer games may have influenced the 2016 decision.

    Thanks Randy! For the insight about Carter’s recent letter.