Good Morning. It’s Tuesday, October 6th

My kitchen is a mess from having friends over for dinner last night before the game. To add to it all, the youngest made chocolate chip Reese’s peanut butter pieces cookies last night for her soccer buddy. (Lucky soccer buddy. This concoction of hers makes you want to clutch the goods to your chest and tear up in happiness.) She couldn’t clean up because I hadn’t cleaned up.

As I mentioned yesterday, there’s a quick City of Brookfield Common Council meeting tonight.

Because a few of you are still interested, I’ll share my fun for today includes a deposition with Joseph C. Niebler, Sr., the attorney representing – oh, wait – Joseph C. Niebler, Sr. There are amusing developments I can not yet share with you regarding the case. Let’s just say while this mess is time consuming, I can’t call it unpleasant. Hopefully it won’t drag on forever.

Trust me. A clean kitchen will be more eventful than today’s session with a court reporter. And I can always look forward to tomorrow when it’s Niebler’s turn to sit in the I-swear-to-tell-the-truth seat.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I hope Cindy’s not in jail.

  2. Cindy is pleased to report she survived. She is currently drinking a glass of wine, which she definitely believes she earned, and she survived.