Gosh I love you guys.

Ok, that’s kind of mushy, but I came home from seven hours of “smile! you’re on camera!” and find a group of you have managed a couple of really civilized discussions without me. It’s an honor to get to be a part of that.

Today no one asked why I keep blogging, but I have to tell you, I really enjoy the interaction. I enjoy giving you something to think about you might not have had before. I love sending you a scoop here or there. To be honest, I even like knowing I’m going to rile a few of you up a bit. Sure, I get things wrong sometimes. Humans make mistakes. I’m human. It doesn’t make what happens here any less rewarding.

So thanks for reading. I know I say that occasionally, but you should know I really mean it.




  1. The Lorax says:

    Hey, we like you too. That’s why we stick around. Even when we disagree. I’ve been slogging through quite a bit of art these days, being that I am enrolled in two Art History courses. You may want to create a separate post for this, but I thought it might be fun to make a link to a favorite work of art and explain why it is a favorite/what it means to you, etc.

    What do you think?

  2. I’ll consider it. Hey, I have photos if you need them. I can e-mail them directly to you. Tell me how many you can use and which spots you want and I’ll get it done. I have most of the churches – St. Croce, the one on the hill by the cemetery (sorry can’t remember) and of course, the duomo.