I really don’t care that Kate organized her basement.

True confession. While I don’t watch Jon and Kate Plus 8, I am strangely attracted to the train wreck that’s become their marriage. There’s a ton of he said, she said out there. It’s really fun to spend a few minutes reading the comments the articles draw. I consider those a slice of Americana you just can’t make up.

Last night the show was reportedly about organizing her basement. Actually, it appears the reality was she hired two professionals to organize her basement. Ok. Maybe it’s just that I’m jealous. You know, because she has a label maker and everything, and I can’t find mine because it’s probably in my scary unfinished portion of our basement.

Why is it the world is so attracted to this kind of stuff? Poor kids. I know they have a trust fund now, but would you want to be 16 with reruns of your parents escapades on late-night television? I can’t imagine it’s going to turn out well at all.


  1. The Lorax says:

    I was going to go as Kate Gosselin for halloween, complete with sideswipe blonde hair and a leash with 8 cabbage patch kids on it, but a good friend shared a better idea with me: Julia Child.

  2. You know, with a little more brown to the hair, I can see you as a great Julia Child.