Low-tech combat

“It all came down to one guy who said, ‘The Taliban stole my motorcycle.’ He was high, and he was pissed, and he gave us the tip on where to find them,” said Sgt. Kenneth Rickman, 34, of Vandalia, Ill.

I sometimes get carried away with the incredible technology our armed forces use. It’s really good to be reminded of how important old-fashioned intelligence can be to our troops. The quote above, from the Seattle Times, connects the dots.

A few hours ago the AP released a story that $5 million in drugs have been siezed in Afghanistan. They include 50 tons of opium.


You know I’m not wild about being there, but if we’re to win this thing, we have to cut off funding. Taking the drugs away is a huge start.

Congratulations to the troops on a job well done.



  1. J. Strupp says:

    Hey I agree but good luck with that.

    We can’t even cut off drug funding in our own country so the idea that we’re going to be successful in cutting off the drug trade in a country that controls about 80% of the world’s opiate/heroin production is a stretch.

    Ironically, this is how “farmers” have been ridding themselves of competition from other “farmers” in Afghanistan over the past decade:

    Just walk down the street and tell the Americans your neighbor is Taliban and has a poppy field.