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I’m looking for work. Not necessarily paid work, but purposeful work.

Son #2 thinks I need to head downtown and spend some time finding a remedy to Milwaukee’s homeless situation. I’m not opposed the idea, but really don’t have any idea where to start.

I joked to the spouse last night my purpose in life could be to make rounds of the all the not-for-profits bad Web sites and offer a little guidance on how they should be designed. (I was trying to find the show calendar for Milwaukee’s Rep and it took way too long to get the information I wanted.)

Yesterday I was asked for my meager employment history. My resume is admittedly thin. I did recall a year I spent under contract with the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, though. I helped to set up computer labs in their inner-city schools and managed their E-rate paper work. The job was hard on me then as the children were young – 5 to 11. Something like that would fit better now. The inner city is tough emotionally, but I did learn what to bring home and what to leave behind.

So, if you know someone who knows someone that needs a reasonably intelligent associate with decent leadership abilities, let me know. This is the first time I’ve ever mentioned it, so I’m anxious to see if there’s any response.



  1. I agree with son #2, but I totally think you should start your own non-for profit.

    Otherwise, this could maybe help you dig up a gem. http://www.milwaukeejobs.com/jobs/category/Non-Profit-Associations/Milwaukee,-WI/1516

  2. The Lorax says:

    You could always help with that fundraising endeavor I had e-mailed you about.

  3. Both Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties have volunteer centers. Both offer matching services, your skills and interests, and agency needs.

  4. You know, it has crossed my mind to start a foundation. If you’d ever show up for dinner again, we can talk about it. 😉

  5. The Lorax says:

    Didn’t know I was invited. Shoot me an e-mail if you ever get serious.

  6. Whoops. My bad. That was directed to DIL.

    This upgrade of the software has a “reply” feature, but doesn’t do a good job of getting that reply under the proper comment.

  7. Can I recommend a local Brookfield idea? Heaven House ( http://www.heavenhouse.org/index.html )is a local community project that is need of many different talents and skills in the immediate future. This is one of the local Home Town Heroes projects. Please take a look at their website, I will shoot you an email with some of the more pressing (administrative) immediate needs.

  8. Stimpy – Yes, I’d like to know more. I did a little preliminary research. I like two things: the very local nature of the project and the fact that it will have an end date. It could be a good transition for me. It doesn’t hurt that the project appears to be a very worthy cause. I’m very impressed the group has managed to navigate the City of Brookfield planning maze. That alone deserves a reward.