The phrase is “in the tank.”

I’ll admit, there’s been more than one conservative blogger who has opined the mainstream media is rather fond of Barack Obama. Mary from Freedom Eden gives us a couple of pretty concrete examples of CNN and the Associated Press. They both took the time to FACT CHECK the Saturday Night Live skit! As she points out, do you remember anyone fact checking Tina Fey’s work on Sarah Palin?

Here’s CNN’s response. I’d agree it defends Obama.

Now, if you ask me, the work from the AP outlining nine points from the skit absolutely affirms the SNL content, but the final paragraph argues otherwise:

So, taking all of this into consideration, are SNL’s satirical criticisms of President Obama’s do-nothingness valid? Probably not, mainly because, as illustrated by the old adage about how one shouldn’t watch sausage or legislation get made, the process of “change” and getting anything done in Washington is a long and messy one, and Obama is merely nine months into his term as president. But that doesn’t mean that Saturday’s SNL skit was humorless, which, for once, it most definitely was not.

I found the parody very refreshing. It gave me a bit of hope the media situation is about to change.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Don’t hold your breath !

    And it wouldn’t surprise me if Obama becomes the first sitting President to appear on SNL.