You go Brookfield Alderwoman Renee Lowerr!

I was digging through the City of Brookfield archives for something else when I ran across these minutes. 7th district Alderwoman Renee Lowerr made a referral that evening regarding Jake Brakes.

Referred to Legislative & Licensing Committee a referral to create an ordinance to regulate the use of air (compression) brakes for trucks and semis. (by Alderman Renee Lowerr).

Ok, I have a confession here. I tried years ago. It was before there was a systematic referral system on the Council floor. I brought the idea up to a couple of staff people who told me I was crazy. (Funny, maybe that should have been a warning of things to come!) Anyway, I wimped out in pursuing the issue.

Ms. Lowerr has not.

I’d still very much like there to be a penalty for engine braking in Brookfield. I’d like the ordinance, when it’s passed to actually be enforced.

Now just who intends to stand in the way of such a reasonable request? A mayor who won’t make sure the request from July 21, 2009 makes it to committee? The archives show four L&L meetings without this going to the agenda.

Sniff, sniff. Could a mayor who stalls an alderman’s referral be a campaign issue?

Several surrounding communities have this kind of ordinance. You’ll sometimes notice a sign that reads “no engine braking within city limits” on the road near the boundary.