How long until a Hooters related car wreck?

Remember Agave sure didn’t take very long to make the news.

How long do you think it will be after Hooters opens until there’s a wreck in that area from someone leaving the restaurant? Someone called this morning and suggested we should have an online pool of sorts.

I’ll vote 3 weeks, and I suspect it will be in the parking lot instead of Bluemound or Calhoun. I bank on that corner and know it’s a mess with the access changes that have been made over the last couple of years. Don’t forget, there’s a new CVS drive thru going in there, too.

What do you think? Should we set up an official pool chart?


  1. Wilson828 says:

    So we’re betting that car accidents that happen in the vicinity of Hooters are the fault of their being a Hooters there?


    (shrug) … okay … I”ll bet… I suppose to keep things honest though one of us outta be there to watch and see? I can do that for you. No sweat.


    Oh wait…. I’m suppose to pick a date or a number of accidents? I’m confused.

  2. When the first accident will occur involving someone leaving the restaurant, Wilson828. Thanks for sacrificing to be the lookout.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    I live in a very conservative city. We have three Hooter’s Restaurants. Rest assured that hooterphobia is a temporary condition that is cured mainly by visiting the restaurant and eating there. No man is known to have ever contacted hooterphobia as it predominately strikes married women. Symptoms vary and there is no known vaccine but rumors are that ingesting small amounts of ‘3 Mile Island’ wing sauce over an extended period of time lessens the severity of any attack. And if you want quiet with your wings, order take-out. It has been observed that very few, if any, men use the take-out option.

  4. BrkfldDad says:

    My bet is no sooner than it took for the first car wreck from an overserved patron at Bombay Bicycle Club or at Pedros, your choice. Given the drink specials at Bombay, I am betting it happened after that place opened within a short time frame.

  5. Generally I’d agree, but there are new traffic circulation restrictions and a new drive thru, and that might play into it.

    Come on. No one’s actually picking on Hooters you know…

  6. The Lorax says:

    On the upside, all the “wild” girls I went to high school have summer jobs waiting for them when they come home…

  7. BrkfldDad says:

    We agree on lots, but on this one I really think you are stretching it. The traffic patterns should actually minimize conflicts, and I don’t see the drive through on the other side of the Plaza even entering into the equation. Think about all the Walgreens around here, have you ever seen more than one or two cars at the drive through at a time? I think the whole drive through concern on the city’s part was pretty hilarious, it’s a non-issue.

    Agave on the other hand. I don’t know you can blame the restaurant. Two idiots arrived at the same spot at the same time. I’ve got to believe plastered Sake drinkers left Seigo many a night through virtually the same spot. It’s was just dumb luck perhaps that nothing ever happened (or did it, I guess I dont’ know if there was ever an accident outside Seigo’s). And, from what I can tell, there’s been no accidents since at Agave.

  8. The Lorax says:

    But BrkfldDad, that’s because there’s no one actually at Agave these days…

  9. BrkfldDad says:

    Is it that bad? Honestly, went there once and I have no real desire to return.

  10. The Lorax says:

    But honestly, trying to egress from the Grecian Inn is often more harrowing than dealing with drunkys.

  11. Wilson828 says:

    Randy …. your response on this posting made me laugh aloud. Great!

    But ya know .. we’re missing the point here … we’re concerned with traffic accidents at Hooters. This is because of what? Drunken behavior or because of over excited male drivers? I dunno.

    Regardless … I look forward to pretty young girls, in scantly clad outfits serving me heart attack inducing fried grease with beer.

    I’m old. I like stuff like that.

    I’ll tell you a funny little story. When I dine out .. whether it’s an Applebee’s (gag) or something better, inevitably a waiter or waitress will stop by and ask, “how is everything? is there anything I can get you?” And depending upon the group I’m with and the temperament of the waiter or waitress, if I’m happy, I’ll usually respond with “dancing girls” .. .the only thing that would make my dining experience more perfect is Radio City Music Hall dancing girls. My wife rolls her eyes. Male friends smile. Other wifes pity my wife. Anyway.

    A group of us from work were in Houston one night having dinner. Oh, I’d say 7 or 8 people from work. We ate at Pappadeaux, which is a fun restaurant with locations in the South and SW,

    And so the waiter comes by .. .asks the famous, “is there anything I can get you” question. And I respond candidly, ‘dancing girls’. Everyone laughs including the waiter. We resume our dinner and table conversation.

    A few moments later the young waiter returns …. with 2 pretty young women. One on each of his arms … and he says, “sir” … “sir!”… I look up and he says, “sir, I have brought you dancing girls!”.

    Everyone, including the waiter, the girls and neighboring tables break out in laughter. The waiter was hilariously funny and made good sport of the situation. The young girls were hostesses who were happy to play along with the gag the waiter concocted.

    I was the senior person at the dinner meeting – I paid the bill – the waiter got a 30% tip for his good service and amusing entertainment.

    I love telling this story.

    It has nothing to do with Hooters, but I love telling the story.

    It has nothing to do with accidents being attributed to Hooters.

    I heard that 3 fat women got run over at the Pancake House up the road from Hooters. So, the common council will be outlawing pancakes on Tuesdays the day the accident occurred.

    Okay … I realize that I have laid plenty of ground work for abuse and otherwise smart commentary from women who read this blog including Cindy.

    Okay .. lemme have it… go ahead…..

    (dancing girls… )

  12. The Lorax says:

    .. .the only thing that would make my dining experience more perfect is Radio City Music Hall dancing girls. My wife rolls her eyes. Male friends smile. Other wifes pity my wife. Anyway.

    That was almost literary.

  13. Wilson828 says:

    Thank you Lorax … I have my lucid moments.

  14. Um, I can’t print my first thought. My second thought is it’s good to have some fun here. I’ve had a tough week, and it’s good to have some fun. Finally, I will have to suggest you stop picking on fat women. I’m a little sensitive to that kind of talk. And I like the pancake place.

    No one’s asking anyone to outlaw anything. It’s really more about how rotten the area is laid out, how popular the restaurant will be, and it seems almost every new restaurant has a tendency to over serve until there’s a reason to call attention to call to the problem. That’s all.

  15. DICK STEINBERG says:

    The Grecian Inn is worth waiting for traffic

  16. The Lorax says:

    My family calls it “The Greasy Spoon.”