Score one for Cindy!

Heck I don’t know if I actually had anything to do with getting Elmbrook to back away from their silly new drug policy, but I’ll proclaim I’m pleased with the apparent eventual outcome.

We first discussed this back in July when Anthony brought the subject up. I had a pretty strong plea in the comment section. Elmbrook and the board members only read a few times each day, but I’d pretty much guess they saw those reader comments on their proposed plan.

From today’s BrookfieldNOW quoting Superintendent Matt Gibson:

“I could live with it either way,” Gibson said. “I’d just like to move it along and get on with life, and get it off the agenda.”

He sounds a little defeated, don’t you think? You might recall Gibson stirred up a bit of a controversy by quoting the City of Brookfield police department when it kind of never happened that way.

So, just to be clear, I’m not taking credit for this one, but I’m certainly reveling in what appears to be the victory. A girl’s gotta take what she can get.