Well that’s an interesting search…

“brookfield library cindy kilkenny” followed by “cindy fired from brookfield library.” (Push ctrl and + if you want to magnify below.)


To whom it may concern:

I never worked for the Brookfield Library. I did serve on the board as an aldermanic representative from the city council. The term expired when my term as alderman expired. I think I missed a couple of meetings there.

Depending upon your choice of references, I did an ok job as a rep (most probable), I did a really good job as a rep (a few with whom I connected), or I sucked so badly at it I should be wrapped in shame (that opinion would be specifically held by Alderman Scott Berg.) My opinion is I did an ok job, but there wasn’t much of a job to do.

For the record, my library card is in my wallet and my fines are paid to date–at least as far as I know, but I just checked my account this morning when I reserved a book and I’m pretty sure that’s an accurate statement.

(Mini rant below.)

Searching for “Cindy fired from Brookfield Library.” What an idiot you must be.


Searching for “cynthia kilkenny library” won’t do it for you either.

I guess there’s another rumor growing out there. Oh, well. I’ve seen worse.