Whoopsiedoodle. Elmbrook enrollment decline larger than expected.

Enrollment projections were a hot topic for the Elmbrook high school remodeling/expansion debate. Today there’s news the drop in enrollment is even larger than expected.

In total, 7,269 students are attending Elmbrook, down from 7,418 last year. Of those students, 6,430 are residents.

That’s 11.5% non-resident enrollment. I believe the board vision limits that enrollment to 10%. (You bet your sweet bippie I adore the fact that an article on this subject now makes the distinction between resident and non-resident enrollment. That would have never happened a couple of years ago. I wonder why they are doing it now? ;))

You can search “elmbrook enrollment” and see what’s been written on the subject on this site.

What to expect:

–A push to increase non-resident enrollment through open enrollment and Chapter 220.
–A renewed discussion on the importance of 4k – especially since 5k is now mandatory by the state.

What would be fabulous to see from our ELECTED Elmbrook board members:

–A strong initiation of the discussion to close a couple of schools.
–A public acknowledgment that a few of us were right and you were wrong about how big those blasted high schools needed to be. (Yep, I’m getting personal. Jerry Theder, the district’s pick to chair the Next Steps steering committee, once called us a bunch of “grousers.” Dude, you lose.)


  1. What happend to “if we build it…they will come?”