Conservative? Buy gas? ExxonMobil might be for you.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to figure out the best place for me to buy gasoline. At first, naively, I thought I’d do some research and base my decision on the company who refined U.S. oil. What I learned is there’s really no such thing as U.S. oil. Everything we refine in the states comes from pipelines in which several oils are blended.

So, I looked at the stations available in my area. There are a lot of Citgos, BPs, and Mobils around here; in fact, it’s hard to find much else. That’s why I limited my research to those three. Citgo and BP didn’t fare too well in my opinion. I expected ExxonMobil to end up in the same place. Boy, was I wrong.

A lot of people avoid ExxonMobil because of the environmental accident with the Valdez. I guess I always just thought of it as an accident. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled a couple of years ago that an original hefty fine be greatly reduced. (I don’t thing I’ve ever mentioned it before, but a travel mate on my Morocco trip had her husband arguing the case for Exxon.) Still, folks like the Sierra Club aren’t impressed.

Neither, it seems, is Frankly, that site is responsible for my decision. I found this fact sheet they’d put together. While they were lampooning ExxonMobil, I easily recognized the company held political positions rather similar to my own.

I continued my search. Who owns ExxonMobil? (Um, to be honest, I think I do – we have a Vanguard energy fund. Consider that your disclosure. ;)) What other companies do they own? That was looking pretty good.

Then I found this from Two elephants out of three ain’t bad.

So, my first choice is the Open Pantry Mobil station on the SW corner of Bluemound and Calhoun. (I mentioned my fondness for Open Pantry earlier, and I do get by there at least once a week.) If I must, I’ll settle for Dennis’ Mobil on Capitol drive, though he tends to run more.

No, you don’t have to do everything just like me. That’s not the point here. I was surprised. I thought you might be, too.

Make no mistake. If you really want to stop America’s contributions to countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, you need to stop buying so much gas. Your SUV isn’t as much a friend to America as you might want to think.


  1. The Lorax says:

    I like BP stations because they are very cleans for the most part. Have you ever been through a Kwik Trip? We have a lot of them out where I grew up and they are really something to see.

  2. How about Dennis’ Mobil Mart on the corner of Capitol and Lily. Recently renovated and the guy has been there forever. When I was a kid I entered a raffle for a GoKart there, instead I won a 10 speed bike! Anyone remember the free bowls they used to give away with certain amount of gas purchase. Pretty sure my mom has a full set of ten!

  3. I won a dictionary once from our local Walgreens. A bike would have been more fun.

  4. J. Strupp says:

    I’m with you on Kwik Trip Lorax. It’s an outstanding company. One of the best retail marketers in the country in my opinion even though they only have stores in a few states. They pull fuel out of only one terminal in SW Wisconsin and they’re stores are no farther than one day’s round trip from this terminal so their transport drivers don’t have overnights. I’m sure Kwik Trip’s terminal is like everyone else’s…..a mixure of all fuels. I’ll check up on this next week.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    Not only is the oil from multiple locations mixed together but most gasoline is also from a mixture.

    Do you have discount gasoline stations in Wisconsin ? We have several here. I buy my gas at a Sheetz store where the price is usually around 6-10 cents less per gallon than the straight oil company stations. And they don’t buy any oil–they only buy the final product, gasoline.

  6. No, we’re pretty much stuck with the three I mentioned in the immediate area. There are others in Wisconsin. Maybe I’ll get brave someday and expand my research.