Just Say No

I won’t need any links for this Post. In my opinion President Obama just missed one of those golden opportunities that was dropped in his lap. He should have simply said no to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. If he had done that the only ‘loser’ would have been his persona–not him politically or personally. Here are my reasons:

1 – The Committee would have been disappointed but with a gracious refusal from Obama their wishes would still have been made public. There’s always tomorrow to present the award and who knows, maybe then it would be deserved.

2 – He, Obama, would have projected humility not yet exhibited. And this is one of those no brainers. I don’t care how far left or right you are, when you go out on the back porch alone to watch the sunset you know in your heart there is no way he deserves this award now.

3 – It would also have shown leadership and decisiveness given the situation presently in Afghanistan. Most likely when he travels to receive this award the situation in Afghanistan will not be pretty–especially to those presenting the award. Sure, we all know it’s Bush’s fault but Obama has attached his name to this war.

4 – Gitmo will be business as usual at the time of the award ceremonies.

5 – Those in this country in the all important middle, as most everyone, would have respected his decision and as a result he would gained huge politically and personally. Though we agree on very little I would have applauded his polite refusal.

6 – Then why did he decide to accept the award ? I believe a big reason is he has surrounded himself with yes people who go along to stay along. And many of those close to him are maybe intelligent–but not experienced in making the tough decisions one learns from leading, as in being a governor, mayor, or chief executive in a large company. His voting ‘present’ is really starting to show.

7 – We all know this award is really being presented to the non-Bush, the un-Bush, fill in your own description. Those in the White House just don’t get it.

8 – But, by far, the main reason he did not say no was his ego. Sure, every President has a huge ego but most Presidents also know when to reject that strong desire for self-gratification. Just look at what he has concentrated most on for the past 8 months–appearing in the public in one capacity or another. He doesn’t make a decision–he makes a speech.

And the fallout from his accepting this award will be considerable. It’s already started. Again, I believe a huge opportunity was squandered by President Obama. Those that already adore him will adore him more, the rest–I’m not so sure.


  1. Sorry about the auto smiley trouble there. 8)

  2. My guess is that by the end of the weekend no one will care that he won

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    I suspect you are right. Sad, isn’t it.