Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize

Put him right up there with Jimmy Carter.

We’ll talk more about it later. I have to find something to wipe the coffee off my laptop screen now.


Here’s a video I rather like:

Farcical. What a great word for this decision.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Did that explosion on the moon affect the calendar ? Is it actually April 1st ? Am I on Candid Camera ? Will the moon turn blue tonight ? Joe Dimaggio’s record hitting streak has been broken ? Dewey really did beat Truman ? The check is in the mail ? Ashton ‘Who’ is at the door ? Randy became a liberal overnight ?

  2. As someone e-mailed me this morning – the world has gone mad.

  3. Mary thinks it was because of the Beer Summit.

    That’s funny!

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    The Beer Summit ! That is brilliant.

    Did you know the deadline for the award was 12 days after he took office ? Forget that 8 months stuff–it’s 12 days.

  5. I’d heard 10.

    Given that, did the Committee just completely devalue the award?

  6. The Nobel Committee completely devalued the award when they gave it to Jimmy Carter then failed to give it to President Ronald Reagan. Their agenda was further confirmed when they gave their silly award to Al Gore.

  7. “Silly award” does sum it all up rather well.

    I’d never actually looked at a list of recipients before this morning, but they are a rather liberal lot. What I find fascinating is that we’ve been taught to hold to award in such high esteem. Maybe it’s all just good marketing.

  8. Since it’s inception no prize was awarded almost 2o times…this would have been a good year to exercise that option. As far them being a rather ‘liberal lot’, I couldn’t tell you who 80% of them were let alone their politics.

  9. BrkfldDad says:

    Comment I heard today, that this was a slap in Bush’s face. So…

    Why did Obama with the Nobel Peace Prize?
    It’s Bush’s fault. 🙂

    The left never ceases to amaze me.

  10. It’s not so much what the politics of the recipients are, as the politics of Norway. I agree that it’s another slap in Bush’s face.

  11. The Lorax says:

    I think Carter deserved the award more than Obama. As much as y’all hate Carter, he has done lots of good work.

  12. Except when he hasn’t.

  13. The Lorax says:

    I’m not sure what that means, but I will step out of my eternal love for our lord and savior, Barack Hussein Obama, and say that he didn’t deserve this award. We’re in two wars, and yeah he has promised to end one of them, and yeah Bush started them.

    Its easy to color Carter poorly because he has been so beaten up for not having a backbone, but if you look at the Carter Center’s work, they have significantly invested in peace and stability in the third world. That’s more than any other president that came after him could say.

    But when the last troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany, Korea, Japan, and the whole world over return home… THEN award the Nobel Peace Prize to Pres. Obama.

  14. You know, unless Obama wants to cement his reputation for swagger and words instead of action, he should decline the award. I think it’s really going to get in his way.

  15. J. Strupp says:

    ….guess the world found a creative way to give the finger to the previous administration.

  16. Mr. Strupp, I rather suspect the “previous administration” is used to all sorts of inappropriate gestures. Don’t expect it to make much impact.

    BTW world – the other day I said not much surprised me anymore. Obama winning this prize surprised me.

  17. J. Strupp says:

    Me too.

  18. This award was the first thing I heard on NPR this morning. It was read in such a flat voice, that I sat waiting for the punch line.

  19. Randy in Richmond says:

    This is from August 20, 2009. Think they knew something ?


  20. Oh, I see. This was a marketing ploy. Hey, they like him. I can get over it. I’ll simply never ever consider the prize of any importance again.

    I can be taught.

  21. Randy in Richmond says:

    Remember, this is a prize Ghandi never won but Arafat and Al Gore did. Throw in Jimmy Carter and Obama is the third in-your -face-Bush since 2001 to win. While the timing totally surprised me, the lack of accomplishment does not.