The wisdom of Miley Cyrus

Miley recently closed her Twitter account. No more minute-by-minute updates. She gave a reason that I rather liked – that I’ve often thought of myself:

I often complain to the ones closest to me that I don’t seem to have much of a private life any more and part of that is my fault. How can I whine about my life being to (sic) public if I am the one telling the world what I am doing? Some things in my life need to say in my life only and not on some gossip site.

Public image. I’ve been meaning to do something on all those candidates hitting the social media markets. Guess I’ll put that on the list this week.


  1. Well I’ve discovered you sure do get some interesting spam comments when you dare to use the name “Miley Cyrus.”

  2. About your ‘private life’; is there one? You have Cindy K. Ennterprises, which includes Fairly Conservative (a tag I’ve often wondered about, the fairly part, that is),, on twitter@fairconservativ, you’re a regular contributor to several other blogs, that I know of and more that I don’t, you try to be ‘supermom’, ‘superdaughter’, cookie baker extraordinaire, you’re a gad-about, would be volunteer, thinking about starting a foundation, hobbyist, household manager, gardener, book club member, chef d’cuisine, politico…there’s more I’m sure. So, where is the private life of Cindy Kilkenny?

  3. RMS, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? We’ll get there. And you know, absolutely no one is forcing you to read.

  4. Now that I’m no longer mobile, I can answer your questions more completely, RMS.

    Do I have a private life? Very much so. BTW, I’m pretty sure you were joking, but for the record, there’s no Cindy K. Enterprises, but I do have a couple of blogs.

    If you mean by “contribute” that I comment, then yes, but I don’t actually “contribute” in the blogger-world term to any other blogs.

    I am no supermom, or superdaughter, but I do make one heck of a cookie and even better brownies.

    Am I a gadabout – a person who flits around in social activity? No, that’s not a definition I’d use. I’m usually reluctant to turn in my blue jeans for anything more formal and don’t do much socially. We still get to the occasional charity event, but not as much as we used to do.

    Would be volunteer – yes. That might be working out.

    Starting a foundation – no. Dinner table discussion went in a different direction the other night.

    Hobbyist – since as early as I can remember. Blame my parents.

    Household manager – by default.

    Gardner – Um, you wouldn’t be making that claim if you saw my yard right now, but I did get the tomatoes out of the ground yesterday.

    Book club member – happily and gratefully.

    Chef d’cuisine – I like to eat, so I learned to cook. I learn new stuff all the time.

    Politico – defined as a person active in party politics, no. Defined as a persona interested in politics, yes.

    “So, where is the private life of Cindy Kilkenny?”

    In all the things you don’t see, RMS. If I discussed them here, they’d no longer be private, would they?

    I’ve lived in the public eye for a few years now. There is a way to separate public from private, and I think that’s what Ms. Cyrus was getting to in her comment. She’s reserving the right to keep some things private.

    Just like I do. However, when someone forces the issue, I’ve been known to talk about anything. I’m not one to keep secrets – I think they are way too much work.

  5. Twitter is simply an abbreviated version of the ultra self-aggrandizing “tool” Facebook in my opinion. I’ll never understand either.

    While blogs offer a useful, often productive, forum for discussion of just about every topic under the sun, Twitter and Facebook serve no purpose in life other than to provide an open forum to talk about personal stuff the majority of people viewing use as a yard stick for their own personal status in life. Want to tell someone about your life? Pick up a phone or, better yet, converse with an actual human being face-to-face (Preferably a human being who cares about YOU and not just your activities).

    Sorry to be so blunt but Twitter and Facebook serve no useful purpose to society in my opinion and I think Cyrus has it half right. My 2 cents.

  6. True, but thus far because of twitter I have gotten free tickets to the milwaukee rep, free tickets to the film festival, free tickets to the wine and dine, and other things. Networking is valuable.

    What some understand is that twitter and facebook do not replace my communication with people via traditions methods. It just supplements it. I still talk to my friends, hang out, and laugh and cry together.

  7. Fair enough. But besides free tickets, how exactly does knowing the wherabouts and day-to-day details of people you know supplement your life? Furthermore, I assume that you have lived a substantial portion of your life without these “tools” and have since added them to your life over recent years. Do you think younger people, who have access to these tools will use them to supplement their lives? I don’t. I see them being consumed by them.

    Walk down the steet and tell me how many people have their face buried in an Iphone and tell me that’s somehow benefitting society at large.

    Keep in mind that I’m 30 so my perspective isn’t coming from an age group that typically has problems with this sort of thing.

  8. Cindy, it’s fine to live a very public life. Since you’ve thought about it and continue to do so, it’s your game. I’ve always liked the ‘no one forces you’ line. It’s so much like the ‘If you don’t like it here why don’t you move’ thing.

    Bon Jour!

  9. I didn’t realize when I was first elected my life would become so public. It happened anyway. Someday I’ll wind it all down, but it’ll be on my terms.

  10. The Lorax says:

    Do you think younger people, who have access to these tools will use them to supplement their lives? I don’t. I see them being consumed by them.

    Well, i’m 20. I mostly follow news outlet, pundits, politicos, and specific businesses and cultural venues. I have a few “friends” on twitter, but i do interact with some friends. Twitter is less conversational and more educational. Or calling attention to something.

    For instance, I get updates from my college about swine flu status, and stuff going on around the university. We have security updates etc.

    I tend to treat twitter the same way I treat the news–I could get consumed by it and spend way too much time with it but I do it only when i’m bored or have the time. It’s a great tool, though not for everyone.

    My style of thought and learning is very verbal and blurby, so it works quite well.