An update on the City of Brookfield budget (Update)

The budget levy came down a bit in committee, and it looks like the average home will pay $1.50 to $2.00 less on their total bill. (I heard from a $35 increase to a little more than $33, but that’s not confirmed.) This committee work was the first part of the budget discussion. It now goes to the Common Council November 17th. You are allowed to comment at a public hearing on the same date.

I’ve been told there will be other reductions brought to the council floor. I know those are often hard to pass. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Update from Director of Finance Robert Scott:

There were 4 amendments:

1) Cut Library budget (it was suggested it come from materials) by $15,000

2) Shift $10,000 in consulting costs for survey relative to updating the Park and Open Space plan from the general fund Parks/Recreation budget to the Self-Supporting Recreation Programs fund budget.

3) Cut Police and Fire electricity budgets by a total of $7,500 for estimated savings from energy efficiency project to be undertaken at the Public Safety building later this year and to be finished in early 2010.

4) Modify Self-supporting Recreation Programs fund budget to include approximately $8,000 in revenues and expenses for new children’s programs.