Good morning, Monday, October 12th

I’ve a cup of coffee in the system, so I’ll attempt a list of upcoming issues.

Kyle Prast from Practically Speaking tells us of non-resident enrollment discussions scheduled for tomorrow night’s Elmbrook school board meeting. That needs a long, linky post that I’ll get to later this afternoon.

Also, there was an article last week explaining the board is interested in spending that contingency for the high schools. I don’t think I’ll do a separate post, so if you’d like, weigh in below. Should they spend it because they have it or not bond for so much because the original plan doesn’t need the extra?

There’s a Plan Commission meeting scheduled tonight for the City of Brookfield. Item #7 is of interest to me, I’ll explain why later.

Because the City of Brookfield Finance Committee Chair will not man up and do it, I’ll be calling around to get the results of the City of Brookfield budget meetings. I don’t expect much of a change, but I can always be surprised.

And for those of you still interested, I’m off to the Waukesha County courthouse this morning for a hearing. It’s not a big deal, no reason to worry, just one of many trips I could be making for the case. Still, it will eat into a few hours so I won’t be around much this morning.

As always, if there are other Brookfield issues you’d like to discuss, leave a note below.


  1. Use it to pay on the referendum.