A little Brookfield budget perspective (Update)

So, what’s wrong with a City of Brookfield Budget Committee chairman who calls the new $35,075,500 levy “only $35,075,500?” The committee moved $32,500 out of the $35,108,000 levy. That’s a change of 0.09%. Not 9 percent, it’s less than one tenth of one percent. While every penny counts, I can’t say there’s much glory in that work.

Which takes me back to my original analysis.

By the way Brookfield readers, I ran into Dave Marcello at the grocery store yesterday. He asked if he could talk with me. I declined. (I will probably decline forever. At a minimum I’d want witnesses with that guy.) A following discussion with a well-connected neighbor led me to believe he’ll have his name in the hat for April’s mayor’s race.

Oy vey. Poor Brookfield. One certainly can’t use the phrase “the cream rises to the top” when describing our options for local leadership. I guess everyone is too busy out there making the big bucks to really care.


Berg keeps changing his post. Among other things, the word only is now surrounded by cute little apostrophes on either side. Mind you, I have absolutely no influence at all, but The Chairman of the City of Brookfield Finance Committee will change his work in response to my morning comment.

Tee hee.