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Here is an entry presently being exhibited on Drudge:


THIS WEEK: NBC: 8,110,000 / ABC: 7,330,000 / CBS: 5,250,000

A YEAR AGO: ABC: 7,890,000 / NBC: 7,850,000 / CBS: 5,940,000

I suspect that the idea is to show how close the networks are in the news race and where each network stands. What caught my eye is something else–the continually slow but steady drain of those watching the news on any of the three major networks. From ’08 to ’09 there is a drop of 990, 000 viewers which is 4.56 per cent. This is equivalent to every person in the city of Detroit getting their news somewhere else now as opposed to a year ago, or not watching the news at all. This decline is not an enigma but part of a steady trend.
I’ll lose no sleep over these numbers.


  1. I would suspect that most people are choosing to get their info from other sources or at perhaps, different times. Our local NBC station runs news programming from 3pm-5:30 and again from 6-7pm. By the time 5:30 comes around, it’s everything is pretty much “old” news anyway.

  2. I was thinking of doing something on the Fox News/ Whitehouse slug fest, but I’ll put it here instead.

    Fox News has a wonderful niche. Don’t expect them to give it up anytime soon because the President gets his feelings hurt. Two things to look at here:

    1. The country is still divided about 50-50.
    2. There are three cable news networks, MSNBC, CNN and Fox. Two of them are liberal, one leans conservative.

    50% divided by MSNBC and CNN is half as much as 50% that Fox takes alone.

    So, Mr. President, I hope you feel better soon, and I expect Fox will be laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. “Two of them are liberal, one leans conservative.”

    You make it sound as if Fox News is just an ever so slight tilt to the right of center.

  4. I wonder if there are numbers on the slow slide of readers away from Drudge

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    You’re right grumps, Drudge is old school. By not introducing feedback, blogs, and his own writers, other sites are more appealing to the new breed. Plus with sites like HuffPo and others the left has a friendlier place to hang out. Me, I’m old school and still use Drudge as my bulletin board.