What is the one skill, that if someone took it away from you, you’d never be the same?

Ok, so I’ve still been thinking a bit about what to do next. As I mentioned before, I’m ready to do something that matters. So that’s the question I asked myself: What is the one skill, that if someone took it away from me, I’d never be the same?

My answer was reading. That answer really does help me direct my focus a bit. Oh, sure, there are local volunteer needs that I can fill here and there, but if I want a life’s mission, I think it’s going to be book related. That’s why I went to the Literary Council of Waukesha County‘s Web site. Would it be a good idea to be a literacy volunteer? I mean, to have such an affection for books, I have to be able to read, right? Maybe I’d like to help someone else with that skill.

I suppose I could look into library foundations and organizations. Brookfield’s never launched a foundation although I think that’s what Friends of was suppose to morph into someday. Milwaukee has a great library foundation, but the spouse was on the board there for several years, so I may want to forge my own path.

Anyway, I thought I’d let you know, I feel like I’m starting to narrow down that list of things I can do. And I wanted to ask you:

What is the one skill, that if someone took it away from you, you’d never be the same?


  1. That was my first thought, too: reading. Though I would expand it to literacy. If I couldn’t read any longer, I could make do with other resources like audio books. However, if I lost the rest of that skill set–the ability to make connections, situate what I read with some other bit of knowledge from earlier reading, I would be totally lost.

  2. J. Strupp says:

    The gift of gab.

    My career would be almost impossible without it.

  3. The gift of writing and communicating to people effectively.

  4. Don’t know if it’s a skill, but caring or I guess not caring would be a crippler for me.

  5. This: thesis + antithesis = synthesis.

  6. You Kan’t live without dialectics?

  7. You’re a regular Mary Wollstonecraft.

  8. Vindication.

  9. Crap. I’m not smart enough for my own blog. šŸ˜‰

  10. Now let’s not burn any bras here, I still contend you womens should be barefoot and pregnant, and in the kitchen!

    How’s that for a Vindication of your Rights?

  11. Says the man in the Julia Child outfit.

  12. It’s my own brand of chauvinism.

  13. Bon appƩtit!

  14. The Lorax says:

    ahh, the coup de maƮtre, or shall i say, coup de matron.

  15. That was cruel.

  16. The Lorax says:

    Cruel? Yes. Unusual? Yes, but aren’t we both?

  17. My computer skills. I would be a vegetable.