Health care debate about to explode

Think of it as the Congressional version of a food fight.

The Senate has hacked off the insurance industry who is starting to fight back with ads in six markets. They’ve freaked out the unions who are rallying to pull the anticipated tax burden from those high-end benefit plans out of the equation. Medical equipment suppliers are rallying, too, because they’ll soon be taxed as well.

This Baucus plan came out of a Senate committee with one Republican supporter. There’s another bill from the Senate with which this bill must be reconciled. Then the Senate needs to vote.

There are three (I think) versions in the House, none of which have been merged. Then the House has to vote.

Then the Senate and the House versions have to reconcile even though they have very opposing interests like taxing the Caddy plans (Senate) and a public option (House).

All of this will happen while special interest groups thoroughly confuse the public with “against this” and “for that” advertising.

President Obama wants it done by the end of the year. Ain’t gonna happen.

I still contend it’s not likely to NEVER happen. They’ll pass something and call it reform, but it won’t be worth anything. Obama will grandstand, and the real fight will be proving the reform doesn’t reform as we pedal towards the 2010 mid-term elections.