Senate Republicans should follow Olympia Snowe’s lead

What if that Party of No label sticks? It could be really hard on the mid-term elections. Instead, if Senate Republicans sign on to the Baucus version of the health care insurance reform bill, then the Party of No disappears as an argument.

This Baucus round will never pass. It’s too hard on the unions, and the unions are the bread and butter of the Democratic party. Senate Democrats are likely to balk louder given the harm this version will do.

Like snow, Senate Republicans can withhold their future votes if anything in the Baucus mark changes. Still, they are on record of supporting the health care issue as originally designed.

Let President Obama chant bi-partisan. Really, that’s good for us at this point. We’ve made up our minds on whom we will elect November 2010. It’s those middle-of-the-road voting independents we want to befriend.

A move like this is one way to introduce ourselves. Just remember, the opportunity won’t last forever. The bill could fall apart in a heartbeat.