Why Senate Republicans should follow Olympia Snowe’s lead

Think about it, and I’ll write my version when I get home from weight lifting this morning.

Hint: I think it’s a great idea!

(Whoops. Change of plans. I’ll get to this about 5pm or so. Off to play instead.)


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’ll bite.
    She’s voting for the bill in Committee so the Dems and the President cannot call the Repubs the “NO” party.

    Also she can point out on the Senate floor the changes the Dems are going to make and thus make a ‘scene’ about the changes to highlite them.

    She’ll vote for most any bill that does not have a public option (which this doesn’t ).

    She likes the attention.

    She’s the smartest Senator in the Country.

    She’s the dumbest Senator in the Country.

  2. Well, I’m sticking with the first and second answers you gave and will elaborate along those lines soon.