1, 2, 3, Whee

No better place to go and receive an unbiased report on how the Stimulus Package is working than to visit recovery.gov , the US Government’s own site. They report they have created or saved 30,383 jobs by use of Stimulus’ funds since it’s inception. To date, $16 billion has been spent. This breaks down to $526,000 per job, and remember, we do not know how many of these are the ‘mythical’ saved jobs. For some perspective, last month there was a net loss of 263,000 real jobs. Since Obama took office there have been 3.6 million real jobs lost–no mythical numbers here. Time to make a decision speech.


  1. Perspective says:

    Great comment. Appalling since they are only 1) wealth transfer, not wealth producing jobs and 2) once the money dries up, where do the folks work and 3) a drop in the bucket compared to the over 500,000 jobs lost per month..

    Tell ya what, why don’t we just give back all the money to the folks who paid the taxes, and let them actually hire people themselves???