Any weekend fun planned?

Not a thing planned around here.

Yes, there’s a Packer’s game on at noon on Sunday. That’s not much of a draw for me, though. I may scrape around some of the planting beds in the backyard if the weather allows.

Anything going on in the area we should know about?


  1. Wilson828 says:

    Goin to NYC for fun. Staying near Rockefeller Center area….. like 6th Ave and 45th Street. No specific plans other than to stay dry – rain is forecast for the day’s we’ll be there.

    Any tips for rainy weather in NYC would be appreciated.

  2. The Times Square Area is ok when it rains because there are a lot of storefronts with covers for the sidewalks. BTW – Broadway is now a pedestrian mall from 47th to 42nd Sts. and from 35th to 33rd Sts. I’ve not seen it, so you can report back as to how you like the changes.

    If you have grandkids, get lost at FAO Schwartz for a little while. Then shop the Apple store. (Yes, Ok. Tiffany’s isn’t too far away either.)

    Small totes-type umbrella, be sure to use the plastic sleeves shopkeepers have near their doors or they’ll chase you out.

    TKTS Seaport sells tickets for next day matinees. Pick up one for the evening and one for the next day. Here’s the whole TKTS listing. Really, though, signing up with Playbill will get you great prices, too, without the lines. (In the Heights was recommended, though I’ve not seen it yet. And if you want to do the line at TKTS Seaport is outside but there’s great shopping in the area and beautiful ships.)

    Century 21 is mandatory shopping and also lets you check in on Ground Zero. Be careful if you enter the subways around the area as some entrances are for one direction only.

    If you’re going to use the trains, take a compass with you. No kidding. When you get out you can figure out which corner you are on and save yourself hours of walking. (And really, you should use the trains. They are easy.)

    We went to the UN for the first time not too long ago. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the tour. That’s an inside thing that will take up some time. Also, no trip to NYC is complete without a trip to MOMA to stand in front of The Starry Night and a hot fudge sundae at Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. (Share. You’ve been warned.) If you time it right you can eat your sundae and then head across the street to watch the Fast Money crew tape at the Nasdaq building. Then the lights should start coming on.

    Given where you’ll be, you can also do the inside Rockefeller Center Tour.

    I wanna go! I’ve been kind of missing the place. I know, I can carry your umbrellas!

  3. Wilson828 says:

    holy cow… thanks for the tips!!!!!

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    There’s really no way to follow Cindy’s details of NY City’s tour de force, but I can recommend one nugget I discovered.
    Firstly, I’ve only been to NY City once and that was earlier this year. I had very little time but a new friend I made there said I’m going to take you somewhere unique and quite overlooked in the NY scene. We went to Grand Central Station, which was where I arrived in the city, but then we entered The Campbell Apartment and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It is the renovated private office of John Campbell, and is now a bar and restaurant. I’m just a plain southern guy but I loved the place. We had dinner there and it was truly a once in a lifetime experience. It’s not a sweat shirt or baseball cap kinda place, but hey, we can all be pretentious and pompous once in a while.

    And if you haven’t seen ‘Wicked’ , it’s one of the best.

  5. Wilson828 says:

    Thanks Randy!!!

    Another good tip!!!!

  6. Wicked is a really, really good. I saw it in Chicago. Also, if you’ve never seen Phantom of the Opera, it’s a benchmark for musicals.

  7. TKTS is really only good if you are lookng for a non-blockbuster to attend. Wicked/Jersey Boys/Mama Mia, etc… are never sold at TKTS. Wished I had known about the Campbell Apartment. Try the Top of the Rock (if it’s not raining), it’s a few stories shorter, but doesn’t have the wait of the Empire State Bldg. The Intrepid Museum is pretty cool. If it’s raining you won’t want to be on the deck, but there’s plenty of other stuff to see/do.


    At the entrance to Central Park where there are horse and buggy carriages, Mickey Mantle restaurant is across the street. Great hamburger and atmosphere. A stroll on foot or otherwise in Central Park is a must. For great food at a reasonable price restaurant row and Sardis for the history . I found going right to the box office is a good way to get a tic and direct info. We stay at the Marriott Marquis and they referred us to a private limo you can rent for the day. Love NY.

  9. Wilson828 says:

    Checking … waiting for spousal unit to finish getting ready for dinner….. saw Brighton Beach memoirs today .. it was good.. today it did NOT rain.. yippie!!!!! Great day… cold.. windy .. no rain… interesting the way Times Square streets are closed off and sectioned now…. okay off to dinner.

  10. Wilson828 says:

    We’re back from NYC.

    We take a trip to NYC at least once a year… usually the first weekend after Thanksgiving t0 view the Xmas decorations, tree in Rockefeller Center, Macy’s store windows, Radio City Music Hall Rockets Xmas show, etc. We sometimes have a snowfall that time of year that makes it more fun. Always cold but always fun. Usually take in mass at St. Pat’s on 5th Avenue.

    This year was different. We decided to go in October to take advantage of the indian summer weather – HA! Cold … rain…. low 50’s temps with wind. Oh well… that’s part of the fun too.

    We’ve been to the Trump tower several times, and I’ve dragged my wife out of Tiffany’s after buying some 3rd floor discounted gifts a couple of xmas’s ago…. hung at the Apple Store and pretended we were young like the kids that were there. Road through Central Park… etc .etc… Last year we did the aircraft carrier – which was just okay.

    Anyway … I want to thank you for your contributions of ideas and things to do. Sometimes you miss things and you need a shove to see new things or remember things forgotten.

    We saw two plays. Brighton Beach memoirs which was good. And Mary Poppins. I was bored at Mary Poppins. My wife wanted to see it. That’s okay.

    We never made it to Campbell Apartment – but I’ve saved it for another time – the next trip. There are so many many many restaurants … and good ones.

    Typically we go slow with breakfast. We find our way to a Starbucks and have coffee, oatmeal, and share a slice of lemon cake. That’s breakfast and it’s the most sensible meal of the day. We do evil things to ourselves throughout the rest of the day. Lunch is usually at a deli enjoying an obnoxiously LARGE sandwich of some type along with slaw and large mound of fried grease french fries.

    The shows we saw were matinees – we prefer matinees so then we can have long leisurely dinners later – preceded by an afternoon nap by the way.

    We discovered a half decent wine store right across the street from the NBC Today show studios. So … before dinner … we’ll usually come close to finishing a bottle of wine while we get ready for dinner. Usually some wine glasses can be found on a scouting adventure through the first floor hotel area rooms ….. ahem.

    Anyway …. Midwest Airlines had us standing in Times Square by about 11am Saturday morning. An equally flawless return trip put us at home at about 1:30pm on Monday. I think we might have had our last flight on one of the remaining 717’s. Nice planes. Too bad of their demise.

    Oh before I forget .. we stay at a private corporate sort of hotel. It’s very economical in price, clean and very adequate. $234 a night… it’s at 40 W. 45th Street. A couple of blocks from RF Center and TS. We pay that same price at Xmas time too. If you want the name of the hotel and access code – let me know.

    The new walking mall in Times Square along Broadway is nice. Lots more roam to spread out and not so congested. There are several larger areas for seating at small cafe type tables along the way. I liked it. Made getting around safer and easier. Very cool.

    Dinners…. there are a zillion restaurants … we’ve eaten at many over the years. This trip we found ourselves for the first time at St. Andrews 140 W. 46th St., and it was very good. The second dinner was at a repeat restaurant for us Trattoria Trecolori at 254 W. 47th St. And it was excellent. One thing that was new for this repeat restaurant was that we were served a bowl of assorted fresh olives with our wine – excellent … simply excellent.

    It’s all about eating. It really is.

    All my clothes are tight …. I need to do something about it starting tomorrow. Tonight I eat!! (I have to wind down from our trip with a nice dinner of sorts).

    Well that’s enough gloating about the trip. You guys gave us plenty of other things to think about and try … we will get to Century 21 on the next trip. We usually only go for 2 nite trips to NYC… next year we might do a 3 nite…. I dunno. NYC is like Vegas .. too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing.

    And thus concludes my report.

  11. Thanks for that Wilson828. Maybe FC needs a group trip next time. 😉