Ready to change the world?

There’s fascinating reading from Wired on the subject. I only found about half of the ideas ones I could embrace. One would make the background for an interesting book.

Here are my favorites:

Recruit Autistics. I saw something of this approach 30 years ago when my mother-in-law set up contract work facilities for mentally challenged youth in our small city. She was a woman way ahead of her time, but she was right on.

Cheat Death. The statistic here is staggering. Of all the deaths in people 15 to 64, 55% are self-inflicted – but not in the ways you might normally consider.

Cut off Aid to Africa. I’ve thought this before, but given my lackluster performance in the arena of international politics discounted my idea. Maybe I should have followed my instincts.

Bust Up Big League Sports. All you Rush fans take note. Would you be so hot to defend him if you realized he wanted to participate in a monopoly where mediocrity is rewarded?

One of the most interesting revelations in my adult college days was that a city was considered successful if able to recruit one or more major league sporting activities. Humbug I said. That costs so much! Look at the extra tax for Miller Park. Maybe I was right.

Take Smart Risks. I must say I agree with the statement that organized risk takers have a higher level of satisfaction with their lives. I certainly became more comfortable with the world when I set aside a nasty fear of failure and got on with it.

Overhaul the Pentagon. This idea is way out of my league, but the article with Robert Gates is fascinating.

For the book idea, head to Switzerland. Did you know they had legalized assisted suicide? I instantly envisioned a rich guy trucking over there to end it all, but changing his mind through counseling.

Oh come on. Surely you have an opinion about one of these ideas that just can’t be kept to yourself.

H/T: My friend Pierre from Paris via his Facebook feed.


  1. The Lorax says:

    Bust up sports and empty the jails were my two favorites.