America the gullible, and time to slow down a bit

America is gullible. Make no mistake, America chooses to be gullible. No where are we more vulnerable than the 24 hour cable news channel.

In the last week the channels stayed glued to a balloon boy hoax for several hours and a car chase in the Dallas area for a couple of hours. No switching back for the weather. No updates on the health care debate. Both events completely rewrote the programming – I read sometimes even commercials were skipped for balloon boy – and maintained the focus for all three cable channels. That programming can so easily be bumped says a lot about the quality of the schedule, don’t you think? My instinct suggests the 24 hour news channel may be on its way out.

I go through this every year or so. It’s time to turn off the computer, keep off the TV, and get on with it. Americans have never accomplished so little while earning so much income.

Come on. Admit it. Half of you are reading this from work. Is that why you’re paid?

I think back to how much I used to get done in a day when the children were young. No CNN; no high-speed internet; lots of gardening and hand made clothing and time at the park. Floors were polished on my hands and knees. Maybe it’s time to get back to those things.

So…I’m cutting back again. We’ve lived through it before. Was it last Lent where I set up a Tuesday and Thursday schedule? Maybe something like that again, maybe Wednesday, too. I’ll see how it goes. No doubt things will speed up again around the Brookfield elections.

And don’t you worry. I’ll still get to the library and run a few posts on the budget before November 17.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I love a live car chase. Don’t ask me why–I don’t know.

  2. You know, I remember them saying there was a twitter or some kind of group that sent alerts when a car chase was on. Maybe you should check into that!

  3. You’re right about America being so plugged in that it doesn’t see or participate in REAL living. I’m somewhat of a luddite, myself.

    My most recent post shares your “America, the gullible” title, but it takes another direction.

  4. BrkfldVoter says:

    Today’s over-exposed news stories include cancelation of a fundraiser at Rosewood middle school in North Carolina… $20 buys 20 extra credit points. Wonder how many other schools have experimented with similar initatives?

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    As with various sectors of our society, the internet sunlight has not been kind to our education departments across the country. The story BrkfldVoter shares makes one wonder about some of these people that have our children’s education in their hands. If the principal here had just said we blew it and the program will be stopped, I doubt this story would have many legs. But no, she defends it saying those extra points on two seperate tests won’t affect the grade( which anyone can disprove with a little math). And also that it was recommended by a parent advisory council. Okay, bad advice but it doesn’t have to be implemented.
    In one aspect this story parallels the recently highlighted school story on this site. Both involve questionable at best policies that when exposed are defended instead of just admitting maybe we made a misjudgement.

    And as an aside, as I read this story about a North Carolina school I can’t help but remember one of my all-time favorite quotes from last year’s campaign season by a NC teacher, “Oh Jesus, John McCain.”
    And I love North Carolina–just spent some time there.