City of Brookfield Aldermanic packets now online

Want to know what the Common Council will be doing tonight? Check out the 81 page packet.

One of the things I don’t think the public understands is how much paper work council members receive every week. Maybe someday everyone will work from a reader version like the one you have access to above.

I love, love, love this change, and I want to thank City Clerk Kris Schmidt for sticking to it and making it happen. We’ve had packets from the school district for a year or so, and this is a great advancement to more open government.

And yes, it’s a campaign issue the Mayor can tout if he chooses.

(PS drawings for right of ways for sidewalks on Capitol and the Cap/Calhoun intersection are in there.)


  1. Wilson828 says:

    What forward thinking.


    hmm…. think I’ll say something to those in another city about this … make a suggestion or two….

  2. Does this mean they do not need to pull a Brookfield Police officer of patrol duty to act as a courier and deliver the alderman packets to each and every alderman??

    Inquiring minds…

    One would think UPS/USPS would offer a slightly more economical solution…

  3. I’m pretty sure an officer is still making the rounds.

  4. Scott Berg says:

    Officers have not delivered the packets for several years. The packets are delivered by police volunteers who wear similar uniforms (no gun!) and drive a patrol car.

    By the way, you may recall when I made the referral for electronic packets last year this blog didn’t think much of it.

  5. Wilson828 says:

    You’re being baited. Don’t engage. Don’t feed the animals.

  6. Yes sir. I’m off to book club.

  7. Funny, just a few weeks ago I heard them dispatch a call “that the alderman packets are ready for pick-up from Kris”. So Scott you are telling me “police volunteers” are getting dispatched now?

    Brookfield has volunteers driving marked patrol vehicles? Eeekk, guess we need to invest more in the cities risk management budget.

    Guess its me trying to make sense of non-nonsensical situation.