Elmbrook Education Foundation – no comments allowed?

There’s no way right now to leave a comment on the EEF blog, so I guess I’ll have to post mine here.

The foundation has a blog on BrookfieldNOW. The current posting offers a list of grants made from the foundation to applicants. I’ll list the schools and you can tell me if you notice what I noticed:

Brookfield El
Brookfield El
Brookfield El
Fairview South

The release touts $10,000 worth of awards. If you ask me, someone’s missing. No applications from the other guys?

By the way, the Fairview South mini-golf course sounds excellent!

For those of you not fond of ancient history, I served on the EEF board for a few years. Back in the day, we were very careful to be sure the awards were spread across the district. I’m sure wondering what’s up with the distribution shown above.


  1. The Lorax says:

    What, no awards for the poor side of Brookfield?

  2. It makes me sad to see Central is getting grants for this and grants for that, but East is getting nothing. A few new things for East not covered in the referendum would be nice. Like those SMART Response systems they are putting in the middle schools – East could use those just as much.

  3. Don’t complain. You get free parking if you drive a Prius.

  4. Leapin – I’m confused by your comment. It was a Central student who made that proposal, but it didn’t go anywhere. Maybe you were being sarcastic, but you lost me.

  5. I do think you get free parking if you drive a hybrid, but think about it – do you really think that your parents will buy you a Prius for your first car, or that you could save up the $10,000 buy one a few years old used? No.

  6. Anthony – no, I’m sure you don’t. That’s a persistent rumor that just won’t go away!

  7. EEF gave a lot of money to both sides of town in the past year. This batch is labeled ‘innovation.’ I would hope that means something ‘new and different’, and if so, geographic equity probably isn’t a good factor for determining awards.

    Anthony, East did get a few of those SMART systems for a science lab, compliments of EEF (it’s in one of the webites.)

  8. Nope. They aren’t getting off that easily. So East has no desire to innovate? I’m still confused by the $10,000 mostly in one direction. Maybe they’ll explain some day.

  9. Anthony: Could you ask the admin @ East if anyone there applied?

  10. Thank you for taking an interest in the Foundation. I will try to answer some of the q’s posed above.

    Unfortunately, there were very few grant applications from the other schools this year.

    We are working with administration to determine if running a second grant cycle would be beneficial to the other schools who did not submit a successful application.

    As I am sure you can appreciate, we can’t award grants to schools that don’t apply and/or for projects that don’t meet the grant criteria as our resources are limited. We have PTO and Principal representatives from every level (HS, MS, and El) to help the grant committee make educated choices. The ironic thing is that most of our grant committee reps this year are from the East side of town.

    As you know, we strive to touch every school every year. The super grant program was developed, in part, to make sure that the Foundation could touch the greatest number of students possible in an equitable fashion. That program is a major focus for us this year. However, those grants require more funds than do the innovation grants that are awarded to individual schools. They can’t be awarded annually as they take a longer period of time to raise the funds to support.

    If you have specific questions about the grant process, please feel free to contact the Foundation at elmbrookeducationfoundation@gmail.com and we can make sure to get your inquiry to the right person.


  11. Laura,

    The super grants are one of the reason I quit supporting the foundation. To me, those purchases were best made through the district and not through the foundation. They felt primarily driven by CAO instead of the educators on the front line.

    Yes, this will sound harsh, but I think the foundation seriously needs to reconsider the current stance. If the foundation is not receiving applications from across the district, you need to figure out why you’ve lost the interest of those who would have otherwise applied. While you “strive to touch every school every year,” it’s hard to believe you are meeting that goal given this announcement.

    I still argue the lopsided awards are a symptom of something gone rather wrong. I hope you’ll take this opportunity to thoroughly discuss the issue within the board.

  12. Free parking for hybrids or no free parking for hybrids, I’m probably not going to own one until I get out of high school.

    I’d like to know if East applied for anything, period, and it was rejected by the EEF for not meeting criteria or if they were just too plain expensive.

  13. The Lorax says:

    Cindy, you wouldn’t happen to be referencing the favoritism Central got with their pretty new football field, would you?

  14. Nope. EEF is supposed to be independent, so the two wouldn’t be related.

  15. The Lorax says:

    I wasn’t conflating them, just the general favoritism.

  16. Well, we know all the cool parents go to Central. They don’t always come through on their promises, but by golly, they are cool.

  17. East now has a fieldhouse; Central does not. There is never going to be 100% equity. Both schools seem to believe the other is favored. It all sounds rather childish. As for the grants and favoritism…the notion that Central was favored even after the EEF explained that they did not receive proposals that qualified sounds again like a response that is lacking in logic. Teachers were very busy at the start of this school year, perphaps the East teachers ran out of time and did not fill out an application. It does not make them bad teachers, and the lop-sided effect this year does not make the EEF an unfair and biased group. Perhaps parent time would be better spent asking teachers if they would like help writing up grants for the classroom instead of trying to propagate an unhealthy rivalry between the two schools.