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I’m a little overwhelmed by the current twists and turns in the health care [insurance] reform debate. I’ve at least one thing to write on the subject, but I have to get a few things done before I can get to it. I will say yesterday I was confident it would never pass, but today’s news has me shaking my head. Maybe the White House took control of the news cycle and that’s what I’m feeling.

Yesterday I sent an e-mail to the Elmbrook CAO asking how many Chapter 220 students were approved in their work session on Monday. Still no response. That usually means they’ll be given the info the the real paper and we’ll see something soon.

The current weather certainly doesn’t match my to do list. I know I should adjust, but frankly, all I want to do is whine about it. It’s only October and I already feel like we’ll never see the sun again. That’s definitely one of the reasons I’ll find a retirement spot outside of Wisconsin.

Hey, have any of you seen the speculation that Lt. Gov. Lawton will be the Democratic nominee for our next gubernatorial race? If no one steps into the Republican primary, I’d say there’s a good chance Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is our next governor. I’m getting more comfortable with that idea, by the way.


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    Heard in conjunction with BizTimes blog on Barrett that Doyle is canvassing the private sector looking for a Democratic CEO to take on the governor’s role. Didn’t see any names, but the source indicated that Doyle will fight tooth and nail to prevent Lawton as the nominee. Obama administration is supporting his effort to exclude Lawton as the candidate, or so it seems. At this point, I can’t think of a CEO who’d want to give up a higher paying job for the mess that Doyle leaves her/him.

  2. Anything for Obama – hey Bdad?