Winning the Chapter 220 battle with Elmbrook

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Christine Hestrom for the Elmbrook School District got back to me this evening with numbers. Monday night the working committee decided on 15 new Chapter 220 slots. Here’s the entirety of her reply:

The Chapter 220 Planning Council decided to make a recommendation for the BOE meeting next Tuesday night that opens up to 15 C220 seats for 2010-2011 for siblings of current C220 students: 6 in Kindergarten, 4 in first grade, and up to 5 additional sibling seats in grades K-5.

The recommendation will be considered by the Board on Tuesday, October 27, 2009.

The kicker is the committee that made this decision is the entire board – every member. I’m not sure if they were all in attendance last Monday, but I’m betting the decision won’t be changing much.

This document on page 3 shows 30 new slots last year. There are 16 seniors shown and others are expected to leave through attrition. Page 4 of the same document shows that and total Chapter 220 numbers since 2001. They were declining, but jumped up again about the time the district started pushing a referendum. A group of us complained, and they’ve been coming down again.

Yes, I really do thing someone is listening. But before I get too excited, I’m forced to remember Elmbrook carries a lot of Chapter 220 enrollment compared to other districts. It’s just a little move.

But I’ll take what I can get. Of course, there’s still all the opportunity to push through extra open enrollment students later this year.