Support local Brookfield singer Nora Collins in her country music quest


Brookfield East sophomore Nora Collins is one of the finalists in the Country Music Television’s Music City Madness Competition. Her video Don’t Slow Down is one of only 64 to make it to the competition.

Help her make it to the top! This is one place you can vote early and vote often.

(Before you begin you should know the CMT site wouldn’t work with Google Chrome. Internet Explorer turned out to be the better choice.)

First, go to the CMT Web site.

Click the orange START button.

Watch the advert, then click Nora Collins on the left. She’s the 6th name down under the Jack Ingram bracket.

You can click the orange VOTE button right away, but treat yourself and watch the video if you have time.


Vote as often as you think about it. I’ll leave this as a sticky for a couple of days to remind you. (A gentle, helpful reminder. 🙂 )

BrookfieldNOW and Journal Sentinel, why don’t you pick this up please. Fellow bloggers, do me a favor and spread the word. How often do you get to help a kid’s dream come true?

Congratulations to Nora for getting this far in the competition.

UPDATE 10/26: Here’s a Fox 6 story about Nora. (Come on! Laurel? Anyone from Journal Communications? Get on this one!)

UPDATE – thanks to the folks at BrookfieldNOW and the Waukesha Freeman for picking this up!


  1. We all know Nora is going to be the next country music star. Let’s help her out by voting for her! Forget that “Little Johnny Trailer Trash” guy she’s going against.

  2. BrkfldDad says:
  3. Well thanks for that link, Bdad. Glad they came around.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    It’s a no brainer for me. Vote for Bill. I don’t think his vocals are as strong and for sure he’s not wearing a short skirt.